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Best Breakfasts in New Hampshire

Looking for memorable breakfasts in the following categories.

Great eggs Benedict

Great pancakes

Hungry man, Its big and its good

Coffee and something sweet

Eggs and bacon sourced locally

Hotel breakfast

Diner breakfast

Regional breakfast cafes from all over the state.

Thanks for your insights... this is for possible publication in NH Mag.

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  1. Lots of good breakfast places in NH. Be sure to include Yesterdays in Jackson. A+ for everything you mention, plus great Eggs Benedict and superb hash.

    1. I like the pancakes at the City Grill in Nashua.

      Midfield Cafe has a descent breakfast.

      Republic in Manchester.

      Hollis Country Kitchen

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        Rizzo already tagged two of my NH breakfast/brunch favorites:

        - Country Kitchen in Hollis (For pancakes)

        - Midfield Cafe at the Nashua airport (For unique atmosphere and vibe, with good, solid breakfast acumen. I'm addicted to the hash browns.)

        And, you should add....... Riverhouse Cafe in Milford (For local ingredients, lots of hot sauces available, beer at breakfast, and some really interesting variations on the traditional breakfast offerings.)

      2. Best value/hungry man would be the first sunday of the month when the Odd Fellows in Contoocook NH have their all you can eat, breakfast buffet. If you get there early, make sure you're wearing flannel and a gimme hat.

        1. Thanks all, my list is getting very long.

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            Lou's in Hanover. Homemade red flannel hash. Amazing.

          2. you can't forget Robbie's in Bow, great Bfast, maybe best pancakes , i think they were voted best in USA by NY Times a while back, and there big Bfast is huge and great value

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              At Republic now ... Best home fries.

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                Do you mean Robie's Country Store in Hooksett?

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                  that was my assumption...i've never been, but i guess i should try to make it up there.

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                    I realize this is an old thread, but anyone looking for amazing pancakes, Robie's is absolutely the best I've ever had. They are fairly dense and cakey and the outside is always griddle-crisp. Plus you get a huge stack for cheap and it is a neat little store. The make a decent sandwich for lunch too!

              2. Had an amazing breakfast stack of grilled corned beef sandwiched between hash browns, topped with two eggs, and hollandaise at The River House in Milford this morning--lots of interesting breakfast items and they use local resources. Have to try the Pig Pile. Highly recommended.

                1. Riverhouse Cafe (Milford)
                  Republic (Manchester)

                  Those two are my faves..no one touching what they do

                  most overrated: City Room (Nashua)..bland food..little kids working the grill..often terrible service but always rates well on yelp or NH Mag. Ive had one decent breakfast there in many trips

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                    What do you think of the Yankee Chef in Milford?

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                        second that. I enjoy their pumpkin pancakes but its probably because I'm so hungry after waiting an hour plus.

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                          Third that! I was so excited for Parkers, but the maple ribs were bland and overpriced. Stuffed french toast was alright, but I wouldn't go again just for that.

                    1. I love Midfield Cafe too in Nashua - one time had a fantastic Lobster Eggs Benny but everything is great there. When I'm in Meredith, I enjoy George's Diner - typical diner food but good and solid.

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                        Home Hill Inn in Plainfield NH - Sunday brunch only. Smoked salmon eggs benedict that just melt in your mouth.

                      2. We are partial to the Schoolhouse Cafe in Contoocook. It's right off I-89 exit 7, on 103 next to the Davisville Flea Market (which BTW opens this Sunday 4/15).

                        Nothing exotic - no mango crepes or eggs benedict - but good pancakes, eggs, homefries and sausage with homemade bake goods, and terrific homemade hash. And they are famous for their traditional New England donuts.

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                          I don't know, those mango crepes sound pretty good. :)

                          I agree, Parker's is quite touristy (but I love the setting).

                        2. Hilltop Cafe in Wilton NH. Where local means from the organic farm on the property. Contemporary takes on farm breakfasts. Omeletes, crepes, etc. All good.

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                            Thanks, all
                            Here is a link to all the photos I took at various breakfast spots across the state.
                            The May issue of New Hampshire Magazine has the story.


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                              Brilliant! Great photos tho I wish you had featured more of River House in Milford.

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                                Love the photo essay! Why is it that I'm now craving eggs and hash browns at 9PM?? ;-)

                            2. Nice. Hope you enjoyed all that good food. Glad you got the Stairway Cafe in as well.

                              1. Just saw the article in NH magazine--very nice! That must have been a fun assignment.

                                1. Went to the Riverhouse in Milford this am. Crowded ( not a bad thing) but the service was a disaster. Severely in need of a manager. Took forever to get waited on, food sat waiting to be picked up and then our order was wrong. I could go on. We were very excited by the menu- which gut bomb to order- but ultimately it was underseasoned and the much touted cheese hashbrowns had no identifiable cheese and were dry. Not crisp. Individual ingredients were good however. It is a great concept with poor execution. I wouldn't go back.

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                                    On our last visit to Riverhouse, on a busy Sunday morning, we were somewhat annoyed to see a table with a "reserved" sign on it, while groups of people stood around waiting and no other empty seats were available. Waitresses walked past and ignored all of us standing around awkwardly. I don't know, it just rubbed me the wrong way, and come to think of it, we haven't been back since. Not to say we won't return, but I'd just love to know who was so special that they got a reserved table, as this isn't anything I've ever seen there before. And please, when it's that busy, start a list and take names!

                                    1. re: Tante

                                      Riverhouse service is good now. They've got a dedicated host to take care of seating too. We tend to go at the busiest times and have never had an issue.

                                      Have never seen a 'reserved' table there. Whatever it was, for such an aberration, I would assume there was a good reason.

                                      In addition to the food, I like the juxtaposition of the hippie posters on the walls and the tie-dyed tees on the spritely staff, along with the TV always tuned to Fox News Channel.

                                      1. re: cringle22

                                        I haven't been in a couple of months, but I usually encounter some service issues or dirty tableware or something..... it's always something.

                                        I will see if find improvements since the addition of a host. I keep going back because the food is good. The service issues and other annoying things (my list is pretty long) haven't been quite egregious enough to keep me away.

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                                          That's good to know, Cringle, and thanks for the tip. Maybe we'll try it again this weekend. Like Dave B., there's always something off in our visits there (wrong meal brought to the table, incorrect description on the menu of a dish that's changed, missing silverware... something) but maybe it's time for another try. Adding a host sounds like a good start.

                                    2. Don't miss Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH. Everything is good, but I like the Gingerbread pancakes. I actually prefer their Cambridge, MA location because it has a bar with innovative breakfast beverages, Clockwork Orange. But, I heard it had closed, not sure.

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                                        Cambridge location is still open, tho I heard the owner was trying to sell the business.

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                                          Just don't go there hungry.... in my experience (3 times before I swore it off), the service was so bad, the great food just wasn't worth it.

                                        2. There's a new entry to this list that has to be tried. It's called "How's Your Onion?". First off, this isn't some dedicated to the great sobbing root restaurant - it's a family owned diner on Broadway in Derry, NH. Wonderful Eggs Benedict - classic and Irish. Great coffee and great service. They're always doing something interesting (try the Spiked Potatoes).

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                                            Just a side question, what do you by "classic Irish"?

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                                              I frequently visit nearby Chester and when I do I'll have breakfast here often. They don't make a bad burger either.

                                              1. I know this is old...but have to add Purple Finch in Bedford. Went for the first time today. Yum! Had the power parfait with an English muffin. Next time I'll try steel cut oats or some pancakes.

                                                1. Delicious breakfast at The Eggshell Restaurant in Loudon NH or The Circle Restaurant in Epsom. Really good prices and super cozy atmosphere.