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New Kraft product - chocolate-flavored cream cheese

I saw an online ad for Philadelphia Indulgence, in white, milk, and dark chocolate flavors. If anyone has tried this, or checked out the ingredients and price, please share your thoughts.

I can't recall the brand, but I once bought something whipped that was called cheesecake filling. It was light and sold in a Cool Whip type tub. The flavor was okay but the texture became gummy as the partially-used container sat in the refrigerator. Wondering if this it similar.

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  1. Grey...

    I just tried the dark chocolate flavor. Have to say that it tasted very good! I did not check ingredients. Flavor was very rich. I tried it with buttery crackers and plain bagels. I also tried the cheesecake filling you speak of. I liked that as well! It came in cream cheese and chocolate flavors. I cannot find the cheesecake filling in my grocery store anymore. I would use it again, but keep your thoughts in the back of my mind about being gummy. The times I used it in a cheesecake crust it was gone the same day. It did not sit in the refrigerator!

    1. I just tried the milk choc (light) version this morning on a toasted bagel. Tastes exactly like very sweet chocolate cheesecake, not noticeably gummy at all. Cheesecake on toast is a bit weird though, think I'll be sticking to Nutella. I chose not to inspect the ingredients too closely, though I can post if you're interested. It's "only" 86 calories per serving, according to the lid.

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        The toast WOULD be odd. I was thinking in terms of dipping berries into it, or spreading on graham crackers, for a little taste of cheesecake when a craving hits. At present, I sweeten a little regular cream cheese, put it on a graham cracker, and top with preserves or lemon curd.

        Is Indulgence the texture of whipped cream cheese, or block?

        1. re: greygarious

          I assumed it was for eating in a similar way to cream cheese as my first introduction was seeing Nigella tweet it on a bagel, but I think your fruit idea is probably closer to the mark. It's a lot more pliable than regular block cream cheese, smoother and gloopier. I'm not sure what whipped cream cheese is, we probably don't have quite the same range as in the US. We also only have milk choc flavour philly, not dark or white!

          I think it's probably too expensive to use to make an actual cheesecake.

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          Sounds rather like Nutella, except it uses cream cheese as the base instead of hydrogenated fat and nuts.

        3. i figure we already do this all the time anyways when making cream cheese frostings right?

          when im trying to be (semi) healthy i actually will top several baked desserts (or graham crackers, or whatever else needs a chocolatey sweet topping) with a mix of fat free cream cheese (whatever THAT actually is), cocoa, and almond butter. its really pretty delicious!

          1. In Canada (well, SW Ontario) Lactancia had a similar product a couple of years ago. I remember sampling it at the grocery store and liking the flavour. They were presenting it to be used in cheesecake. I haven't seen it in a while, though I haven't been looking either. It was a brick wrapped in foil; not in a tub.

            1. Interesting. I cannot find an ingredient list on the Kraft site. Makes it look like they are hiding something. At least to me.

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                This is the ingredient list from the website of a supermarket that stocks it:

                Medium Fat Soft Cheese 56% , Sugar , Cocoa Mass , Fat-reduced Cocoa Powder , Cocoa Butter , Skimmed Milk Powder , Whey Powder , Vegetable Fat , Milk Fat , Stabilizers (Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan) , Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E 442) , Flavourings , Citric Acid

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                  I think it's more likely they just haven't updated their website, especially if they are still test marketing and haven't rolled out the product nationally. Keeping it off the website doesn't do much to hide the ingredients when anyone/everyone can read them in the store.

                  1. re: mpjmph

                    OK, but they featured this line on their website pretty prominently. Surely an ingredient list would be a normal inclusion?

                    I note that sugar is the second ingredient. Of course it is chocolate. Seems like it is low(er) in fat and high in sugar.

                2. I swear that modern American society will not rest until we've expored every possible permutation of something-flavored-something.

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                    That's the best observation I've heard in a long time...and a true one.

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                      Actually, I remember chocolate-flavored creamcheese (twarog) in Poland in the early 90s, and it may have gone back earlier than that, except there had been shortages of various food items.

                    2. I filled strawberries with the dark chocolate flavor, then dipped the berries in white chocolate-very tasty!

                      1. I went to their website, not much info avail that I could find. I'm interested in the white chocolate.

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                          My market did not have it, but I'm also curious about the white. Unfortunately, most supermarket items passing for white chocolate contain no cocoa butter so don't actually qualify.

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                            greygarious, do you live near a Trader Joe's? They sell the cheapest and most delicious white chocolate chips I have ever had. Real cocoa butter, terrific vanilla flavor. If you find them, stock up, because they sometimes don't have them. As for the choco cream cheese, I want to taste this NOW. I spent the 80s making cheesecakes, why haven't I made one lately? They're so easy and so delicious.

                            1. re: pointybird

                              I'll go to TJ's today for the white chocolate chips.
                              office mgr @ Dr. office is a good counter balance for the sometimes whackadoodle Dr.
                              yesterday was a hard day for him, out of sorts.
                              she turned on a dime when she noticed we could hear his rants (minor as they were) and went in his office closed the door then returned. he was anewed. the therapist in there looked at me and said, "you need to bring her cookies, she is amazing." I reminded her I had brought cookies today and she said, "yea but..." I cut her off and said, "I know , she loves white chocolate chips", she said, "yea!" I'd brought The Enigma of Von's oatmeal cookies fresh out of the oven to the office-office mgr doesn't enjoy oatmeal cookies. today she'll get a cookie with white chocolate chips from TJ, tnx

                              1. re: iL Divo

                                I have to admit to not really being a white chocolate fan...but I AM a fan of these chips. I ate one and thought "Right! This is how it's supposed to taste!" Usually white chocolate is kind of bland and flavorless and crisco-y and leaves a weird film in your mouth. This white chocolate melted so smoothly and just tasted like fresh butter and vanilla. Yum. Sorry we digressed from the cream cheese, everyone!

                        2. saw it @ WalMarchay & bought it. not used it yet. came in 3 or 4 little tubs.

                          1. they were on sale at the market yesterday, 4 for a $1
                            I still haven't used the ones I bought, suppose I should, but am on a cookie baking kick right now, so...............