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Mar 12, 2012 09:29 AM

Looking for smoked Pork in Dallas area......

Kuby's has it sometimes and Henk's has smoked prok loin - we would rather have chops. It's for Hungarian Bean soup and the Hungarian insists it be authentic (Mom's recipe you know)

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  1. Well if you can't find em in Dallas. You can order some to be delivered to the Farmers Markets or pickups from Sloan's Creek Heritage Meats (Red Wattle Pigs). Here are the prices and info

    1. I think Rudolph's in Deep Ellum as house-smoked pork chops.

      1. Kuby's carries smoked pork chops as a standard item. Just make sure you get there early enough before they sell out.

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          Thanks - I rarely make it to Kuby's early enough - they sell out really quickly.
          I will also check out Rudolph's I work downtown so that would be a great lunch jaunt!!

          Thank you