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Mar 12, 2012 08:53 AM

Private Party Locations in Central NJ?

I am looking to host a private party of 30-40 in central NJ. Any suggestions on where to look? Would love a BYOB to keep booze costs down, but am willing to look into any and everything!

Looking forward to suggestions! Thanks, all!

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  1. Cafe Graziella in Hillsborough is BYOB and has a separate room, but I cannot comment on how many people it accommodates or the quality of "event" food. Cafe Picasso in Somerville also has a large room in the back and is BYOB.

    1. Alfonso's in Somerville has an upstairs room - I have been to several functions there. It is a nice, family-owned red-sauce Italian place with excellent, affordable food... Haven't been in a few years but I have fond memories of that place.

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        We have held our annual animal shelter volunteer holiday party upstairs at alphonso for about 8 years now. We do the pizza party package to keep costs down. They always do a good job and the food is good too. They will work with you on liquor and will let you bring in your own cake too.

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        1. Boat House in Mercer CountyPark West Windsor NJ

          Great location, nice room BYOB!