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Mar 12, 2012 08:42 AM

great restaurants on Grand Cayman

We are planing a trip to Grand Cayman. We have visited in the past and liked Blue and Grand Old House, and disliked Calypso Grill. What are the current great restaurants in Cayman? I have read a little about Osetra - sounds interesting. Thankyou.

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  1. If you like Blue, you should like Oestra Bay, it has a South Beach.vibe, a little over the top.
    I can see you have good taste because I am not impressed by Calypso Grill. I like Morgan's Harbor much better, it is a very informal place but has very fresh fish. I would also suggest Ortanique in Camana Bay. it has Florida inspired cuisine.
    Blue Ciltrano has recently opened up. It is Indian fusion, I will have to check it out next time I go. If you want a strange but good dining experience you should consider Roland's Garden. It is located in the old butterfly farm. The menu is what the chef wants and you pay what you want. However, if you pay too little you will get dirty looks.
    Overall, nothing great has opened to compare with Blue, but there are many places you will get an excellent meal.

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    1. newyorker7

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      “Rayellians meet you at the door”
      Reviewed March 3, 2012
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      So the Rayellians (all staff in white) are channeling South Miami Beach vibes. Staff pleasant but service pretentious. Daughter ordered a beet salad, and we counted the pieces of food on the plate... 8 lettuce leaves, 3 pieces of beets... Husband also had a Caribbean salad his had a few more leaves. Son had sweetbreads... miniscule, and I had 3 shrimp.... Mains were a bit bigger pieces of fish and there was cute presentation of whipped potatoes (watery mess) in mini milk jugs and vegetables. Desserts were so/so. They gave a palate cleanser of some frozen concoction and a frozen fruit concoction at the end. There was a tiny amuse bouche. Stingy with bread.... drinks sounded better than they turned out to be. The cocoa coated chocolate that they gave as a freebie at the end with much flourish was unworthy of being swallowed. And yes you pay through the nose.
      We're from NYC, we know pricey, we also know when we are being gouged. Owners must be laughing all the way to the bank.Go to Blue if you have extra bucks.....

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      1. Blue was the best, 7 prime and sunsets at the Ritz not so much, Copperfalls steak was very good,Agua was overambitious and oversauced, Ragazzi was okay.... Osetra Bay review above.

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          I had a great meal at Oestra Bay, the service was excellent . I enjoyed the brunch at Luca. I thought the ceviche at Agua was good, worth going for .I second going to Roland's garden, although wear bug repellant. I made the mistake of going to 7 Prime, way overpriced. The Wharf was huge tourist trap. Casanova, Edoardo's and La Dulce Vita are also good.

          1. re: meinNYC

            Blue was outstanding. the cooking is flawless. Had a seabass with an avocado purée and lime sauce that was nothing short of sublime. Everything was excellent. be warned: total bill for family of four was 665 dollars (included a bottle of Sancere for 75 US). Lobster appetizer with brown butter sauce lovely. My sons loved the lobster ravioli. dessert did not disappoint. Service is very attentive.

          2. Had an excellent meal at Ragazzi; loved the scallops wrapped in sea bass. Prices very reasonable for quality of food. 235 us for dinner for family of four. All enjoyed the meal.