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Mar 12, 2012 08:38 AM

Special$ at Fuzion

We went to Fuzion on Church Sat night. Most of the menu price points are in the $20 range... Careful when ordering a special!!! Who would have thought that Sea Bass would cost $38!!!! Not cool! If prices are going to spike so dramatically they should disclose when telling you what the specials are. Tricky and once again NOT COOL! Some of the better restaurants don't even charge that much! Leason learned. Other items, a bottle of Fuzion Shiraz/Melbec is $9 at LCBO a whopping $44 at Fuzion!!! I find this just RUDE. My Sea Bass was very good, my boyfriend's seafood risotto/paella not very tasty. We shared a duck poutine and it was very flavourful (salty) but lacked a gravey and not much cheese. What's poutine without gravey and cheese? Fries with shredded Duck!

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  1. the mains push the $30 mark, not the $20 with arctic char at $28...that doesn't excuse a higher price point without disclosure.

    i wouldn't buy fuzion at the lcbo and certainly would never order it at a restaurant. i am guessing they carry it only because of the name...the mark up seems excessive but it happens everywhere, higher mark up on cheaper wines, lower mark up on more expensive wines...

    i can't imagine that fuzion would want to list a bottle of wine for $20 on their menu....

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      Agreed, I wouldn't buy Fuzion period let alone at a resto where they're serving $38 mains.