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Mar 12, 2012 08:02 AM

Solo lunch - Cambridge / Somerville / Arlington?

I have a rare afternoon to myself, and was thinking about going out to lunch. This hasn't happened in a long time, so I was thinking about trying somewhere new. Where would you go for lunch by yourself in the general vicinity of North Cambridge? Spicy food and counter service are good (I don't like doing sit-down restaurants by myself). I don't eat pork, but am otherwise open to meat or vegetarian food. The weather is good enough that takeout might be okay too.

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  1. Rod Dee in Porter. I'd say get the boat noodle soup, but that's a pork fest (rinds, (meat)balls, and maybe some blood). They've got a condiment caddy, so you can doctor up whatever you get to your spiciness-liking.

    1. Definite +1 on rod dee. Love that damn place. Cash only.

      Would also recommend:
      Greek Corner
      All Star Sandwich Bar
      Little Q
      Singabella Cafe

      1. If you have a car and can drive to Brighton, I'd go to Thai North and get the khao soi. Rod Dee has this dish too and their version is good as well, but maybe not as good as Thai North.