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Mar 12, 2012 07:36 AM

Color trends for kitchen countertops?

remodeling our 22 year old kitchen. Decided on quartz for countertops. Stainless steel appliances. Keeping our medium-light stained solid oak cabinets & light (buckskin hue) tile floor. Wondering whether lighter or darker countertops are the trend? Also the decorator recommended a different, darker quartz for the center island. Any thoughts. Enjoy this forum, went with GE cafe dual range replacing the 22 year old Jenn air electric downdraft after reading all about ranges here. Really looked at the Viking professional & designer series, too. The jenn air still works great and only needed a repairman once!

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  1. Can't help with the counter top question, but I sure would give second thoughts about getting rid of your older Jenn Air. Just had a discussion yesterday about he longevity of the new appliances verses the older ones, and decided when we decide to buy new we should try to find ones that have been around before buying the new China made ones that seem to have a lifespan of five years, if we are lucky, with numerous repairs in between! Never have I had a refrigerator repair until I bought that new French door Maytag five years ago....everything except the shelves have been replaced!

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      I do agree. It is a sad comment on today's quality. I was told, when appliance shopping recently for a washer/dryer & fridge, not to expect the longevity of my old appliances to carry over to new ones. I do hate to part with my old jenn air, but is is 22 years old. I also wanted to switch to gas from electric, so I bit the bullet and made the choice to change.

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        My Unitarian Universalist society has a commercial stove that probably dates back to the building’s being built in 1954–56; they will have to take it out over my dead body. Old stoves rock, plain and simple.

    2. About 3 years ago I replaced a ~20-year old Jenn-Air downdraft cooktop with a new gas cooktop. The Jenn-Air worked well, never having needed any kind of repair, and even the downdraft worked fairly well, considering what it was. I sold that old unit in a day on Craig's List for $250 -- not much less than I paid for it back in the day.

      1. Lighter vs. darker--choose what you like! A kitchen and those expensive finishes are the last place you should utter the word trendy. That's what rugs, chachke, throw pillows and paint are for. Nevereverever choose "trendy" for the expensive, permanent stuff, and that goes for any room in the house, unless you intend to toss everything and remodel every 5 or 10 years.
        As far as trendy, if anything I'd say colored countertops meaning actual non-earthtone color wheel colors are the new trend--like the colored appliance trend. This could certainly be fun and cool if well executed relative to the rest of the room, but gosh you'd really have to love that color. I am a big big color person and I'm not even sure if I'd go there for countertops.

        As long as your countertop choice is complimentary to the rest of the finishes in the room, it'll be great. Choose something that suits the bigger picture.

        I think the odd colored island thing is very 10-15 years ago trendy, but again,choose what you love.

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        1. re: splatgirl

          thanks for your thoughts, everyone. I did not mean "trendy", but more of what has been done recently. I am upgrading the kitchen more for resale, but not for 5 years or so. That way, I can enjoy it, too. I will probably go with medium for the countertops and use the same top for all of the counters. My kitchen has lots of morning light as it is an eastern exposure, so dark would work for contrast, but I think I will not go TOO dark. I will post pictures when this project is done.

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            In that respect, I'd say that the general direction of interiors is toward more modern-ish and streamlined vs. detailed, trimmed and ornamented to the hilt. Natural elements are big and, fwiw, classic. And I think people are finally starting to understand and demand good design.
            What I always tell clients is even when a room is not to ones' taste, if the design is functional, well planned and thoughtful and the decor is cohesive, it's going to be appealing.

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              Here is an awesome site for ideas. You can browse by locale, I believe. I've noticed that white cabinets are very stylish right now.

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                Ah, understood. Good idea to plan for resale early, so that you can enjoy the redo. And a great way to test what you like for wherever you move. If you renovate early, you will not be so disappointed not to get the full amount back in the sale—which one usually does not—because the renovation was for you, too.

              2. re: splatgirl

                I don't know that I agree with you about the odd-colored island thing being 10-15 yrs out of date. I'm seeing it everywhere, in all kinds of new kitchen images on-line, in upscale architectural magazines, etc. I think it all depends on the execution.

                1. re: splatgirl

                  Great comment; I agree, classic for the big stuff, trendy for accessories.

                2. The only thing I have heard repeatedly about counter tops is don't pick shiny black. I'm told they show everything and never look clean. I would say all colors, dark and light, are now used. I think the tough part for you is to decide if you want to keep the whole kitchen neutral which would mean beige through brown or go for some interest with color. You had your first kitchen for 22 years, do you figure you'll have this one for a long time too? If so, I'd say pick the colors you love and don't worry so much about resale--they say buyers expect to make major changes in a kitchen if it's more than 10/15 years old.

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                  1. re: escondido123

                    You are so right, escondido123! I inherited shiny black granite when I moved into our apt last year, and it's horrible: shows everything, dulls in some areas, already had many white stains, and is only 7 yrs old! Just the opposite of my earth-tone/brown/yellow-speckled granite in the house I left, which never showed any crumbs, stains, or even dead insects (just kidding).

                    1. re: Claudette

                      I have shiny black granite in my bathroom. The salespeople tried to talk me out of it. I'm glad
                      I got it, I love it but it is a lot of work to keep it looking clean and I would never want it in my kitchen.

                  2. I would suggest you look at the overall light / dark ratio of the kitchen and how much natural and artificial lighting you have. If you have a lot of light, then go with a darker color, I think they are more dramatic with the contrast. but if if you don't have much light in the room then I wold stick with a lighter color. Our remodeled kitchen has a lot of light and the walls are light, the floor is a light travertine color, with stainless appliances and medium cabinets. We went with a granite top with a fair amount of color variation light to dark, so it ends up medium in the spectrum. I agree with others, trendy gets dated so easily and then you tire of it.