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ISO Best Puffy Tacos

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I was just in Austin where I had my first ever Puffy Taco at Tio Dans. Now I can't believe I had never had them before. I know it's a pretty regional thing but where can I find the best puffy taco in Dallas?

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  1. Rafa's on Lover's makes a fairly good version.

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        That place is closed. I went there once after it became Dos Juans and it was really bad. One of the worst meals I've had in a long time.

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          Thanks for the report. I had no idea. Wonder why they keep the website going?

      2. Desperados. They're always packed on Thursdays after 5:00 when they are $5.95 a plate.

        1. There's not a place in DFW and surrounding area that make puffy tacos like Austin and San Antonio . No matter how many times you ask them if they have puffy tacos like SA they will say yes. Then I ask are they crispy or deep friend and soft with a little grease . Oh yes yes yes not crispy . Well they have no clue and I hate crispy puffy tacos . The best are Henry's puffy tacos in SA and you can google his recipe I now fix them at home. There's even a blog comparing Henry's to Esparzas in Friasco saying finally puffy tacos . It's a lie they are crispy that person must not have had Henry's. Yes Henry's are fatting but they are to die for. I love the beef and spicey potatoe. I have no clue why Dallas can't get it right . My daughter swears there's a place on Greenville ave that does Henry's puffy taco style but I have yet to try them . I hate to be told they are not crispy and they come out and your can make crunching noises as your fork breaks them open . Helloooooooo that a sign that they are hard and crispy. If anyone knows where we can get the soft deep fried greasy kind pleaseeeeee let me know ...thanks