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Mar 12, 2012 06:32 AM

Neilson's Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Where can I buy Neilson's fat free cottage cheese besides at Shopper's Drug Mart? It is the only place I have found it.
Weird that stores carry Neilson's milk but not the cottage cheese.

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  1. This product is now ONLY available at stupid Shoppers DM....and they don't deliver it b/c it's 'cold product'. Ridiculous. Prices there run higher and the turnover is low so they expire pretty soon after purchase. I'm disgusted.
    Company that sells it is SAPUTO - call them and complain. 877-341-8700

    I spoke to a very nice sales rep from there...I tried to order the product in bulk (6 packs) and I was hoping I could buy direct from a distributor that way (if you buy a tray, you can sometimes get in with a distributor that does this). Turns out that this company WILL NOT do that. Your only option is to buy at now, I just stopped buying it.

    I used to buy this from Walmart. However, they stopped carrying it. So I just give up.

    They lost me as a customer. Period.
    Hope others complain. This is ridiculous.

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      By my definition and many others, any form of cheese must contain fat. Maybe that's why only SDM sells it, the other stores see no need to sell it.