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Mar 12, 2012 06:21 AM

Lecreuset 3 piece set

Any one have any info on this vintage set, color discontiued, skillet is #23 sauce pan #18 other one has no #. I call it Salmon, very good condition, but cant get any info about color/age, my aunt had it as long as I remember. I want to sell it, but have no clue how to price it, sell it seperate..all together. any info appreciated

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  1. Hi, jeanasa:

    I can't help you to date or value this set, but someone here will know. They look to be in extremely good condition.

    What I can tell you is that, if you're planning on selling on eBay, splitting the set into multiple pieces almost always gets you more money. You might want to keep the mating pair together, as this was probably sold as one unit. Personally, I like the idea of keeping siblings like this together, so I encourage you to do that.

    Thanks for sharing the photos.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Thank you for responding..They are in great shape..I'll be watching and hoping for some answers. Aloha

      1. re: jeanasa1

        You can get more for it than current colors as it's a rare color in good condition. Sell the multipan's two pieces in one auction and the fry pan in another. I would mention the other auction and put a link to the other piece in each auction. Not sure links are allowed though so do check. You should also mention the matching auction's # in each auction.

        Do some research on completed similar items on Ebay so you can get an idea of the cost. After doing that, price them at whatever you are comfortable with and hopefully you will get a bidding war going as they are desirable pieces. Don't use buy it now as there are some collectors that will pay crazy prices for pieces they really want. Good luck!

        1. re: blondelle

          Thanx..I havent used Ebay in a technical but i may have to..I think thats a good way to sell the,,I can hope for a bidding war

    2. My guess would be 40s or 50s based on the color but that could be completely wrong. Maybe send the pics to Le Creuset? And of course, tell us what they say. I agree to keep the fry pan and pot together as they are always sold together like that.

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      1. re: Mojave

        Hmmm I wonder if she got then overseas, she was in Saudi Arabia 50'-60's . I will look for their addy and send pics to the,,Ill keep ya posted..Thank you all for helping

        1. re: jeanasa1

          Just reached some one at LECREUSET, and the hunt for info is awesome, bits and pieces here and a few other sites. LC said it probably did come from overseas sent them better bottom pics, and hoping a value will come soon...thanks to all who have helped on this quest :)