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Mar 12, 2012 04:35 AM

glass storage container Oxo style

I am trying to find some containers such as the ones of Oxo's but made out of glass. In particular what I'm looking for is not too much about the lid (that could be plastic without any problem) but a container that is tall enough to allow for spaghetti or pasta storage in general. I would not use them for cooking or microwave. I've tried to look around and found some very nice from glasslock but unfortunately they are not so tall
Did any of you found something around?

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  1. hi there. not sure which oxo containers you're referring to but i have a tall glass jar with plastic lined stainless steel lid from ikea. i just checked their website and they don't have the same model but there is a Droppar jar with these dimensions (Diameter: 4 ", Height: 11 ", Volume: 51 oz). you can also check out Anchor Hocking or Libbey glass jars on or target - i have some of their other jars with lids that i like but i think the canisters are only sold in sets. i've also seen glass or glass/stainless steel canisters sold individually at TJMaxx/Marshalls/Home Goods/Tuesday Morning but those stores are a hit-or-miss when it comes to inventory. hope you find something you like.

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      thanks a lot. exactly what I was looking for!

    2. I am not familiar with Oxo containers, but I keep my spaghetti in a locking lid glass jars, kind of like this one: