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Mar 11, 2012 10:45 PM

Firefly On Blast!

New show out on food network kitchen nightmare style, puts firefly on blast for its *crap* service, I have seen the reccomendations for their food on this forum, althought they do say the food is great, its the service that was jacked, and hopefully now it is fixed up. Just thought I would mention this since Ive seen rec's here. =))

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  1. From the commercials this looks like the W Sahara location. since it's opening, excepting the first few weeks, it's been very disappointing...nothing like the Paradise location. The food was awful and sometimes not even representative of the dishes at Paradise.

    1. I've only been to the paradise location. been a couple times and food and service were excellent.

      1. i've seen that show too. it was a crazy one last night as well.

        Seen the reviews of the good food/lousy service, but since a few reviews lately have been praising the service it seems like its worth a try.

        1. came to this board specifically to look and see if anyone had seen the episode... bad, hun? I'm disappointed, though we've only ever been to the one on Paradise, we've always had excellent service... one dish we had last time wasn't as GREAT as it had been previously (clams & chorizo), but everybody can have an off day, right?