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Mar 11, 2012 10:36 PM

Paris Dinner Reviews - Chez L'Ami Jean, La Regalade, Les Cocottes des Constant, Pierre Gagnaire, Frenchie bar a vins

Although I did not post up my proposed itinerary, many thanks to everyone who contributes to this board for giving me ideas in planning my second trip to Paris in January. I hope these brief reviews can help other travellers in the future.

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  1. Chez L’Ami Jean

    27 Rue Malar
    75007 Paris, France


    The Good
    An enjoyable, and affordable, chef’s tasting menu featuring an amazing riz au lait (rice pudding) that made me appreciate the dessert for the first time. The friendly staff.

    The Bad
    The cramped tables that allow you to listen to everyone else’s conversations. The fact that the staff were clearly overextended which led to delays in getting service from time to time.

    Photos can be seen on the blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

    1. La Regalade

      49 Avenue Jean Moulin
      75014 Paris, France

      The Good
      Very good classical cooking and comfort food contained in an attractively priced set menu featuring very large portions. A delicious complimentary terrine to start the meal. A good wine line. Friendly service.

      The Bad
      Slow service as a result of overextended staff. The ridiculously oversized portion of foie gras for two (yes, this can be a bad thing!).

      Photos can be seen on the blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

      1. Les Cocottes des Constant
        135 Rue Saint-Dominique
        75007 Paris, France


        The Good
        A decent meal with good wine at reasonable price that provided a welcome break from the gluttony of the rest of the trip’s meals. The scallop risotto with truffle essence was superb.

        The Bad
        The apple crumble was extremely bland.

        Photos can be seen on the blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

        1. Pierre Gagnaire

          6 Rue Balzac
          75008 Paris, France


          The Good
          A very good tasting menu supplemented by some of the best service in the world I have experienced. The fruit-flavoured bordier butter on brioche, the medallion of doe and the Pluma pig were particular standouts.

          The Bad
          While there is no doubting that everything was perfectly prepared and plated with precision and excellent technique, the menu lacked any particular “wow” factor that I would have expected at its price point. I am certainly willing to return to the restaurant to give it another chance, but not at the expense of missing out on the other good restaurants Paris has to offer.

          Photos can be seen on the blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

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          1. re: fatmanthinwallet

            Funny, my thought exactly.Some things were very good, but there was nothing 'out there' as l have had in the past, and especially at his St Etienne location a long time ago. OTOH the duck 'supreme' were very memorable, had two orders.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Sadly there was no duck on this occasion, perhaps hence the lacking "wow" factor.

              However, I must say the butter flavoured with lemon and grapefruit (which were sititng underneat and on top of the butter when we arrived and then promptly removed) was, when smeared on the brioche that came with the bread selection, might have been one of the top tastes of the trip! I must have had about six or eight pieces of that brioche and butter combination. I did notice no one was being offered more bread until I asked and then my server started offering it to everyone and I was being topped up after every course!

              1. re: namor

                Do not know the source of Gagnaire butter, but Bordier as mentioned by FTW makes a Yuzu butter than sounds like what you are describing.

          2. Frenchie Bar a vins

            5-6 Rue du Nil
            75002 Paris, France


            The Good
            A wine bar featuring a decent selection of wines and food for those unable to get a booking at the main restaurant next door or who otherwise only want something simple to eat. Very friendly service.

            The Bad
            The lack of any truly standout dishes.

            Photos can be seen on the blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

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            1. re: fatmanthinwallet

              Another tour de force review, all the comments very well put. Thank you.

              1. re: Parigi

                Great, succinct reviews. I am drooling over the photos on your blog.

                Thank you for sharing.