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Mar 11, 2012 09:46 PM

UK Lunch Reviews - Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Polpo, Tapas Revolution, St John Bread and Wine, Opera Tavern, Zucca, Dinner by Heston

Although I did not post up my proposed itinerary, many thanks to everyone who contributes to this board for giving me ideas in planning my first trip to London in January. I hope these brief reviews can help other travellers in the future.

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  1. Gordon Ramsay Plane Food– London

    Heathrow Airport

    The Good
    Surprisingly good food and service in an airport at decent prices.

    The Meal
    Antipasti Platter (good)
    Crispy Duck Salad (good)

    Photos can be seen on the blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

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    1. re: fatmanthinwallet

      Thank you.

      I have wanted to try Plane Food, but we seldom fly out of Terminal 5 at LHR, as we often fly UAL, out of Terminal 1. Maybe we need to take the BA PHX-LHR flight, so we can dine there. Maybe you have talked me into switching airlines?


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        It certainly is not a "destination" restaurant, but I paid a more for worse in the UK (see Mishkins) during the trip and it is a lot more comfortable than sitting by the gate waiting for the flight. That said, I would have been in the BA lounge if not for a dispute between my carrier and BA about reciprocal lounge access.

        1. re: fatmanthinwallet

          Once, we loved United International First Lounge, but now it's the Star Alliance Lounge, and leaves a ton to be desired.

          Maybe a change in carriers is in my future, as nice food and wine is always appreciated, at least by us. Going to try Virgin Atlantic's "Upper Class," to see how that goes.

          Thank you, and another good set of reviews,


    2. Polpo – London

      41 Beak Street
      Soho, London W1F 9SB
      United Kingdom


      The Good
      Good Italian small plates served fast. Standouts included the Anchovy & Chick Pea Crostino and the Cuttlefish & Ink Risotto with gremolata.

      The Okay
      Even eating at the 10-person bar getting one’s order taken and requesting the bill took awhile.

      The Bad
      12.5% automatic service charge but no one refilled my water – what is up with that?

      The Meal
      Arancini - excellent
      Anchovy & Chick pea Crostino (excellent).
      Mozzarella, Proscuitto and Basil Crostino (good).
      Cuttlefish & ink risotto, gremolata (excellent).
      Pasta with a Duck, Olive & Tomato Ragu (okay).
      Roasted Pork Belly, Radicchio & Hazelnut (okay).
      Ricotta & chocolate crumble (good).
      Chocolate salami (okay).
      Affogato (good).

      Photos can be seen at my blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

      1. Tapas Revolution - London

        Westfield London
        Shepherd’s Bush
        London W12 7SL
        United Kingdom


        The Good
        Excellent Spanish tapas at decent prices served in a Westfield of all places. The Chorizo and Iberico pork cheeks were fantastic.

        The Bad

        The Meal
        Chorizo al horno
Oven roasted spanish sausage (excellent).
Marinated anchovies in olive oil, garlic and parsley (good).
Braised iberico pork cheeks cooked in sherry (excellent).
        Paella de marisco
Spain’s famous rice dish with prawns, squid and mussels (good).
        Seleccion de ibericos
a taste of the best Spain has to offer (good).
        Churros tossed in cinnamon sugar and served with dipping chocolate (good).

        Photos can be seen on my blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

        1. St John Bread and Wine - London

          94-96 Commercial Street
          Shadwell, London E1 6LZ
          United Kingdom


          The Good
          Good nose-to-tail cooking; the best chicken pot pie I have ever had; decent desserts.

          The Okay
          That feeling you get when you have had too much nose-to-tail cooking.

          The Bad
          The indifferent service and long waits between courses.

          The Ugly

          The Meal
          Crispy Pig’s Tail (good).
          Grilled sardine (good).
          Fried lamb tonue and sweet breads (good).
          Chicken pot pie for two (excellent).
          Bread pudding (excellent).

          Photos can be seen on my blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...

          1. Opera Tavern - London

            23 Catherine St
            City of London, Greater London WC2B 5JS
            United Kingdom


            The Good
            Good to excellent small plates served quickly by knowledgeable staff.

            The Okay

            The Bad
            12.5% automatic service charge but no one refilled my water, even when sitting at the bar – what is up with that?

            The Ugly

            The Meal
            Crispy Iberico Pigs Ears (good).
            Courgette Flowers stuffed with Goats’ Cheese and Drizzled with Honey (excellent).
            Pan Seared Scallop with Jerusalem Artichoke Purée, Truffle Dressing and Morcilla de Burgos (excellent).
            Chorizo with Piquillo and Marjoram (good).
            Crispy Sand Eels with Alioli (excellent).
            Confit of Old Spot Pork Belly with Rosemary Scented Cannellini Beans (good).
            Pannacotta with Clementine Sorbet and Blood Orange Granita (good).

            Photos can be seen on my blog at http://fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.com...