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Mar 11, 2012 08:30 PM

where to eat with kids in mayfair [London]

Hi , my wife and 2 boys will be with me in Mayfair this summer. where would a couple good lunch and dinner spots be in mayfair(close to Dover st) boys ages 11-12 love meat and fish. would like a place my wife and i would also like. also what are must food items at borough market to try or look for(also any pubs or oyster bars close to the market) thanks

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  1. Fino's have a couple of reliable places a five minute walk across Berkeley Sq:

    At Borough I think Wright Brothers is great:

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    1. I would walk a few minutes to Belgo Centraal in Covent Garden. When our boy was that age, he really enjoyed the waiters dressed as monks, the big elevator to the basement, and the lively atmosphere (in the dining room to the left; the room to the right is less communal). We enjoyed the mussels and Belgian beer. At 17, he insists on returning each trip.

      1. Canteen is nearby.. informal and convenient. I second the idea of Belgo. I always take visiting kids there, and they like the food and the atmosphere. If you go early, they have some sort of reduced price meal. Their roast chicken is very good, not to mention the frites.

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          if we needed a spot for dinner 6 adults 3 kids 10-11-12 anywhere in london where would you go?

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            Any guidelines? No point suggesting The Bombay Brasserie if someone doesn't like spicy food, or The Ritz if $100+/head is silly.

            One option might be the 5th. floor at Harvey Nichols. The youngsters could be installed up at the Yo Sushi! conveyor belt which my sons find so entertaining (plenty of cooked options), and the grown-ups can sit properly in view near by for a not too formal dinner in the cafe.

            There's normally enough going on at Langan's to keep children distracted. They used to have a table magician upstairs:


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              the kids like steaks chops duck fish lobster pasta chicken. I looked at the Bombay Brasserie. we haven't had alot of Indian food so I will probably pass on it but thanks. The fifth floor is closer to our kind of spot. the guide would be any of the foods they love. the point is what ever looks good, if it looks right the price is fine with us. thanks Robin