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Mar 11, 2012 08:05 PM

Clam Bar in Raritan

Hi, my first post so if I screw up give be a brake ok? I read a review of Uncle Vinnie's Clam Bar located on E. Somerset St in Raritan. Now my mouth is watering for some clams oreganata. Has anyone eaten there? is it worth a 40 minute ride up the parkway? Thanks so much. mdduck.

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    1. Uncle Vinnies has acess to some impeccably fresh seafood andvrun their own fish store adjacent to the restaurant. Unfortunately the Restaurant is small, overcrowded (jam-them-in mentality) and way too noisy. Their food pricing is expensive enough to resist it's local convenience. When we're willing to endure a 40 minute drive we head in NYC to Grand Central Oyster Bar for a world class selection at comparable prices, better atmosphere and phenomenal wine list.

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        You'd travel 40 minutes up the parkway (I presume from the shore)for Clams Oreganata?

        When I asked a chef friend of mine as to places down here, he commented: "make them yourself". Go to one of the outlets in the Highlands (Gaiters/Something Fishy near the SH Bridge) for your clams (grab 50 or a hundred) and make a couple of dozen and then freeze a couple of dozen. Bon Apetit