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Mar 11, 2012 07:47 PM

What's the best sandwich at Tony Luke's?

I'm trying to work my way through Tony Luke's menu, using only the Oregon Ave. store as my baseline, to answer the question above, but since I only get here maybe twice a year, and sometimes I have to repeat a sandwich, it's going to take me a long time to try them all. The one I occasionally repeat, when I forget that I'm trying to try them all, is the veal cutlet Italian, which seems to have the perfect balance of flavors. I like it better than the steak Italian I tried today; the ribeye is excellent at Tony Luke's, but adding provolone and rabe to the the sandwich didn't improve on my cheesesteak baseline, mushrooms/American with. I've done the steak hoagie, and various other Italian combinations, chicken steak and chicken cutlet. Everything's been terrific, but so far the veal cutlet Italian is in the lead, with only fifty or so more sandwiches to try. Has anyone tried the roast beef?

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  1. Roast Pork Italian broccoli rabe & sharp prov

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    1. re: george2

      +1 on george's suggestion. though i have never tried the veal for comparison's sake.

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        Roast Pork Italian broccoli rabe & sharp prov = Philly's best sandwich

        1. re: george2

          +1. I had this again today, and it was so good. Better than I remember.

        2. It might not rise to "best' but try the Uncle Mike's sometime, grilled veggies and broccoli rabe doused in red gravy with sharp prov, it's a great vegetarian sandwich.

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            I'll have to try that - my vegetarian go to there (when I am not in a meat mood) is just the greens, sharp provolone and long hots sandwich. roast Pork without the pork!

            1. re: Bigley9

              That one is really good too! The Uncle Mike's is much sloppier though (in a good way).

              1. re: barryg

                George and tfal's got it right. That sandwich was truly one of the best things I'd ever eaten! My own fault that I'm less than an hour away, and onlu eaten there once.Yeah, it was THAT GOOD We were there 11-12ish last spring before a Phillies game. A super eclectic mix of people, styles, appearances, and personalities all looking for the same fix. That sandwich is king!

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                  TL gives you a choice of rate or spinach. Has anyone ever tried the spinach?

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                      In some ways I don't think spinach stands up as well as rabe does to a real aged sharp provolone. Spinach can get lost. I always prefer rabe. But then again I have never been mistaken for Popeye.

            2. Because we had already had the pork at Dinic's the only time I went I got the chicken cutlet italian( provolone and broccoli rabe). My SO got the cheesesteak because the whole point of going was to compare with other places. The cheesesteak was terrible but I loved my sandwich. Don't have any comparison to anything other than the cheesesteak.

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                The cutlets at TL are really good.. for me it's a toss up between the pork or the chicken cutlet w/ broccoli rabe and provolone (oh and the long hots)

              2. For me, its the chicken cutlet with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone. My husband's odd favorite are their breakfast sandwiches, which he claims to be the best he's ever had.

                1. Went to Tony Luke's last night because we didn't feel like cooking in the heat. Got two Roast Pork Italiano's - rabe, sharp provolone and long hots. I can't believe I am saying this but it was horrible! First was the uniform look of it - provolone slices and pork were strangely shaped. Actually tasted the prov thinking I had gotten mild. It was sharper than regular deli provolone but not by much and no where near as good as real sharp provolone. Then there was the pork - it had an odd processed flavor to it - not quite lunch meat but close. Are they using the frozen product they have made for the supermarket? There wasn't much rabe (although that was the high point of the sandwich) and the half of the sandwich I ate had one long hot on it - which might not be bad except they charge a dollar for long hots (have they always? It isn't on the menu anywhere, but I asked and they said yes). So I guess I am back to no roast pork after 3 pm when DiNic's and John's close.

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                  1. re: Bigley9

                    Did you go to the bar/restaurant or the sandwich shop? Anyone know if there is difference in how they make sandwiches?