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Mar 11, 2012 07:44 PM

What's for Dinner #132 [old]

It's a little late in the evening for us East Coasters to be posting dinners, but perhaps the West Coasters still need to post WFD for Sunday night - so what's cooking on your stoves and grills and in your ovens tonight?

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  1. This west coaster seems to be having trouble adjusting to daylight savings time and only just put dinner in the oven at 8pm.

    Said dinner consists of cannelloni I dug out of the freezer (homemade egg-semolina pasta, I believe, with a spicy beef and ricotta filling? I can't quite remember...) Baked in a sweetish tomato-port sauce with ground beef, onions and oregano, topped with mozzarella. A salad of some sort based around the romaine lettuce that needs to be used up, perhaps with orange segments and almonds and a buttermilk dressing. The remains of an unfinished bottle of Bordeaux from last night (although this will probably be gone before the food is done, as there is only enough left for one glass each).

    1. Mr. Nightshade's turn at the stove this evening, and he's doing it well. Perciatelli pasta with big, perfectly cooked shrimp, slices of locally made sausage, and artichoke hearts. The usual onions, garlic, bell and chile pepper, in his tomato sauce. A little parm on top, and a very nice salad to accompany. So many great ingredients, you can't even see the perciatelli, but it is under there somewhere!

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        that looks really good, Mr. N! those shrimp look amazing. what a great combo.

      2. West Coaster reporting in - partial re-post from the last thread:

        inspired by Harters and L. Nightshade to do something Medi/Greek, two chicken/thigh pieces that marinated in olive oil, garlic, rosemary, oregano and lemon thyme, a ton of lemon juice and some zest, s&p. went into the oven in a cast iron pan at 375 degrees for an hour, and then under the broiler for extra crispy skin. also made couscous with fresh dill, olive oil, peas, granulated garlic, parsley and minced shallots. and a salad of the-red-cabbage-that-wouldn't die, red pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, s&p and feta. lemony goodness! and the chicken candy at the bottom of the pan..... mmmmmm...

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          Chicken candy at the bottom of the pan? Please explain! There is a website that touts "sweet Innards Snack Mix, our mouth-puckering Sour Livers, or our decadent Gizzard Truffles, you're sure to find something that will satisfy you." But I doubt that is what you refer to.

          1. re: L.Nightshade

            you know how the chicken juices caramelize and get all sticky at the bottom of the pan? the brown bits - sweet/salty candy!

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            "Red cabbage that wouldn't die" - isn't that the TRUTH? LOL

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              Once again, love the colors. Monochromatic plates are so unappetizing!

                  1. Since we cooked the "steakhouse" dinner last night--dry aged strip (thank you, Groupons!), potatoes au gratin, caesar salad (thank you, linguafood--loved the dressing), and brussel sprouts sauteed in duck fat--we went "light," very late, tonight--halibut a la Grecque (lemon, OO, thyme), quinoa, asparagus, and an avocado-tomato-red onion salad.

                    Will be extra-late for a few nights, I'm sure, as we adjust to DST.

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                      Fri night we had gorgeous filet mignon with a pan sauce made with shallot/madeira/half½ served with sauteed kale and white beans made with chicken stock and a bit of pancetta; for dessert - chocolate pots de creme with lightly sweetened whipped creme. Sat night - out; tonight we grilled amazingly juicy burgers with pepperjack, simple corn on the cob and grilled asaparagus -- celebrating an awesome spring day. what a fabulous weekend.