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Mar 11, 2012 07:31 PM

Where to buy Key limes in South Bay area

St. Patrick's day is approaching. I am making the usual corn beef dinner and want to make a Key Lime pie for dessert. I have a new recipe I want to try. Where can I buy Key limes in the south bay area? Whole Foods, Trader Joe's . . . ???

The recipe calls for about a cup of Key lime juices. If I can't find Key limes for the pie is there a reasonable substitute??? I don't want to use bottled Key lime juice. I would rather use lemon, maybe Meyer, but I have no idea how that would effect the taste.

Guidance will be appreciated.

Los Gatos

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  1. I'd think virtually every Mexican market will carry them. (WF/TJ's may also, not sure). Mi Pueblo supermarket has locations in Mountain View, East Palo Alto, and San Jose, but there are probably smaller markets closer to Los Gatos where you could get them. They're usually packaged in netted bags of 1-2 lb.

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      I'll add that key limes are a seasonal item and not always available, so good to hear that "yayitsgood" found some.

      Mexican supermarkets are a good source for limes of every type, when key limes are not available, at low prices. There's a thin-skinned one with a yellowish green rind mottled with yellow that is very good too.

    2. Just got a mesh-bag of key limes at Safeway in Menlo Park.

      1. I got a bag two weeks ago at the Safeway in Saratoga.

        1. Any Mexican market OR search out Nellie & Joe's Key Lime Juice @ Nob Hill for certain, and probably Safeway & Lucky's too.