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Mar 11, 2012 06:30 PM

How to FInd A Good Cheap Caterer for an Outdoor Wedding

My fiance and I are getting married at Villa Milagro Vineyard in Finesville, NJ this August. The venue covers everything except the caterer, and we are looking for some GOOD ,CHEAP catering in the area that will still give us a 'classy' wedding experience. We don't want to spend more than $25 a person, and we are open to something unconventional, but since our wedding is a Saturday night, we still feel we need a full dinner with some appetizers. We are also looking for a caterer that will use china (not fine or anything). Anyone have some ideas or experiences?

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  1. I hope someone proves me wrong....but your expectations are unrealistic. However, to get some real information, you should provide some specific details needed.... like the number of guests, whether tables and chairs are required, service or staff, glassware and etc. Good luck.

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      Tables, chairs, linens, tent for guest, tent for caterer and bartenders are included. This is a small wedding-80 at the most. I have one lead for a place called Grumpy's BBQ- we're going to try them this coming weekend. I just looking for other options too.

    2. Congrats on your upcoming marriage. That said, I think it will be very hard to find a great caterer for $25.00 a head, especially if you want china. My husband is in the business, (high end) have you considered going with a high qulaity plastic plate as opposed to using china. China adds to the cost becaues it is not disposable. Also, is the venue including wait staff, etc? The venue can probably recommend some local caterers to you in your price range. Wish I could help you out with some suggestions, but I am not familiar with caterers in that area.