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Mar 11, 2012 06:23 PM

Near City Hall Plaza with kids?

We'll be taking the mini-Mags to the Big Apple Circus in a couple weeks, and am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a quick post-circus dinner with kids (5 and 9, and pretty adventurous eaters).

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  1. it's a short walk to the north end. how about regina's?

    1. I'd suggest Wagamama in Faneuil ... should be good for kids (noodles!), especially adventurous ones. I wouldn't expect "traditional" dishes there except for the chicken katsu, which IMO is usually well made at Wag's. The other concoctions are generally ... interesting. Maybe not perfect combinations of flavors, but certainly interesting.

      And I like their lime+apple juice ...

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      1. re: tammyh

        chinatown is 2 stops away on the orange line, for real asian if the t is an option.

        i am in the fanueil hall area a lot and it has never once occurred to me to eat at that place. i don't like spending any dining dollars at chains.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          I'm not suggesting Wag's is "Asian", really ... I think it's just worth a shot to see what flavors they throw together, and it's more convenient than waiting for the orange line. Big portions, too, and I was supremely happy to have a very well made katsu (at least when I had it a couple years ago).

          And I think it's kind of foolish to assume all chains are worthless. You never know until you try.

          1. re: tammyh

            I've tried, and it's pretty worthless (at least the noodle bowls).

            Not sure how late Cafe Latino is open, but that would be a great option.