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Mar 11, 2012 06:23 PM

Seattle/Tacoma--college dining

My daughter is considering college in Seattle or Tacoma and we will be visiting in a few weeks from the Midwest. Any suggestions for good restaurants near the University of Puget Sound and the University of Washington (Seattle)? I'm not looking for the highest-tier fine-dining type of place, but someplace fun, with personality, ethnic food of almost any kind would be great, that would showcase what's special about this area. Thanks!

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  1. Sue, Near the UPS campus is the Southern Kitchen open for breakfast, lunch & dinner serving very tasty Soul food. (Great catfish.) Also recommended in the Tacoma area is Matador (Tex-Mex), Indochine (Asian Fusion), Vuelve A La Vida (authentic Mexican including excellent oysters) and Asado for steaks and bargain Happy Hour food. You may also try a UPS student favorite: The Red Hot which just serves hot dogs and beer; while that not sound like much, there is an aura to the Red Hot that cannot be explained--just experienced. (Don't be surprised if you suddenly crave having a new tattoo.) Scan the Seattle Chowhound board and you'll see visitor recommendations for a wide range of cuisine.

    1. Near UW you might try Agua Verde down on Montlake Cut; great Modern mexican cuisine; a very 'UW spot... nice deck for sunny days, and they rent kayaks down below. A local favorite. Great fish tacos, and interesting salsas.
      Another UW fave is Northlake Pizza, an old-school pizza and beer joint bustling with families and students. Not deep dish, and certainly not NY style - it is it's own style!
      There are also LOADS of inexpensive ethnic eateries of all kinds on 'the Ave" as University Way is called in the area that runs parallel to campus. Just 2 blocks off Campus, you can stroll up and down the street and see what smells good. I am sure there are actual reco's if you do a search here; I just don't eat in that neighborhood myself often, so will leave specific's to others.

      Have fun exploring!

      1. The best Greek food I've ever had, consistently, is at the Continental Greek Pastry Shop on the Ave. And they treat you like family. I think the address is 4549 University Way.

        Continental Restaurant and Pastry Shop
        4549 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

        1. In Seattle I strongly recommend Pam's Kitchen at the corner of University Ave and 50th St. for rotis. The menu is small, the prices modest, the food great. It is Caribbean, not Pacific NW, but part of the fun of Seattle is the cultural variety.

          1. Thai Thom is the best Thai food in Seattle.

            If you don't mind driving out a bit futher down, The Harvest serves really good Spanish tapas. It can hold up and maybe win against a good tapas bar in New York. The atmosphere is definitely one of a kind, as the food is served in the bar and you get to watch the two chefs cook! Very interesting..

            Another place near UWa is Joule, an Asian Fusion restaurant. It was the highlight of my 2 months stay in Seattle.