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Mar 11, 2012 05:45 PM

Marsala, Trapani and the West towards South of Sicily

I will be headed to Trapani, staying in Marsala this weekend for only 3 days. I was just there 5 months ago in the Palermo, Alcamo, Castellammare del Golfo, Erice, Marsala areas, so would like to explore elsewhere this time. Going with one friend and renting a car.

I decided to stay in Marsala because last time we only made it for a couple of hours and didn't even eat there.

So. #1 Where shall we eat for great local food in Marsala
#2 Where should we go from Marsala
#3 Where else should I not miss for food?
#4 Is Sciacca worth it? Other towns? Agrigento or nearby for food? We will go to the temples


P.S. I know that there are other posts on Sicily, but it was very hard to find specific information on these areas.

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  1. There was a post a couple days ago asking for info for Erice, Agrigento etc. I put up some restaurant suggestions

    Heres an additional one near Marsala:
    Lu Disiu
    Slowfood 2010
    Via XXIV Maggio, 14, Castelvetrano Trapani, Sicilia 91022, IT

    Here are a couple in Marsala from the Gambero Rosso Lowcost book
    Il gallo e l"Innamorata, via S. Bilardello,18, closed Tues

    Morsi e Sorsi
    via A. Diaz,66
    closed Tues, open only in the evening
    wine bar

    Here are a few from the to be deleted database for Sciacca - seem like some good bets
    La Vecchia Conza
    traditional dishes, Trattoria, closed Mon.
    095 25 385 - Via P. Gerardi,37/39, Sciacca, Sicily 92019, IT

    Al Faro
    Slowfood pick, seafood, near harbor, Closed Sun and for aperiod around Easter
    0925 25349 - al VIA PORTO, 25, Sciacca Agrigento, Sicilia 92019, IT

    Hostaria del Vicolo
    meat and fish dishes, old recipes, fine raw materials, Gambero Rosso 78/55 good value, closed Mondays
    0925 23071 - vicolo Sammaritano,10, Sciacca, Sicily 92019, IT

    Porto San Paolo
    closed Wed
    0925 27 982 - Largo San Paolo,1, Sciacca, Sicily 92019, IT

    It'll be great to hear about your trip!

    1. From what I've seen/read about the casbah-like old quarters of Sciacca (and that it's a major fishing town), sounds like it's worth the detour. It's on our (regularly postponed) tour-Sicily list. Also, don't know if you;ll be passing through the center of the island, but Enna, high on its isolated perch, has always seemed like an amazing (and off the beaten coasstal path) stop. Buon viaggio!