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Mar 11, 2012 04:58 PM

Restaurant 1833-Monterey

James Beard Finalist Nomination Well Earned and Deserved!!!

I really wish I had to time to write along review but school work...sigh. However, this visit was worth the break from the thesis. In fact I was so impressed I had to shake the GM's hand and tell him how great the whole experience was. Service was spot on, attentive, and not at all over-bearing. The ambiance of the adobe was the perfect contrast for the dedicated service and amazing food.

Quick Run-Down of Dishes:
-Amuse: Chilled Carrot-Ginger Soup shot, really gingery and good punch before the hot food was served.

-App/Bite: Bacon-Cheddar Biscuits with Maple Chipotle I even need to describe beyond this title...and they were served hot in a min-cast iron skillet!

-Main #1: Grilled pork chop/Anson Mills Grits/Collards with pork belly. Chop was a perfect medium (I ordered, however the chef thinks it should be cooked) and served bone in to keep flavor/moisture. First time with pork belly, believe the hype!

-Main #2: Braised Lamb Shanks with Bean Cassoulet, super tender shank and great flavor. They cooked it right since most of the fat was rendered out (a common problem at other places).

Total was just over $70 (+ a glass of Merlot). In summary, a great experience and I plan to frequent 1833 in future Monterey visits.

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  1. We have dined at Restaurant 1833 twice now! It's our new fave in Monterey. Such a cool place with amazing food. A real asset to the Monterey dining scene! :)

    1. Restaurant 1833 will be reborn with a whole new team next week. Let's hear some reports.

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        Has anyone been to the retooled version of 1833? Am thinking of going next week but was hoping for some up-to-date scouting reports. Thanks!