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Buttermilk Party--Help!

Well, I did it again- I saw a great sale and went ovreboard-The problem is that I got a gallon of an item I have never used and now I have no idea what to do. I used 1/4c. in mashpotatoes and I froze 3/4 of a gallon bc I was lost. Was it wrong to freeze and what can I do with it? I would love to learn to make bread -Any recipes? (I only have self rising flour)

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      Hi and thanks Kitchen Imp- Instead of water?

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        There are a lot of recipes out there - I don't know if it would work to just swap it in place of water.

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        Didn't think of that... :) thanks!

      2. If you have an ice cream maker, try this lemon-buttermilk sorbet: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

        Buttermilk ice cream (http://eggsonsunday.wordpress.com/200... ) and strawberry-buttermilk ice cream (http://www.realfoodhascurves.com/food... ) are also wonderful.

        I also use buttermilk in all kinds of baked goods and salad dressings and to replace some of the milk in mac and cheese or scalloped potatoes. You can also use it as a replacement for mesophilic culture in cheese making (1/4 tsp culture = 2 tbsp buttermilk) -- I've made both ricotta and cream cheese using buttermilk as the culture.

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          I am so glad I got on this board! I do not have an ice cream machine, but mac and cheese and s. potatoes sound divine. Thank You!!

        2. Milk & Bread ~~ Crumble cold cornbread in a glass...fill with buttermilk....eat/drink with a spoon!


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            and make the cornbread with buttermilk to start with.

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              I am going to try that we ♥ corn bread!!! Thanks! This greak style buttermilk is very thick so this will be good.

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                Wow thank you!!! You guys are awesome!! yes I think I am going for more lol! :)

              2. Buttermilk biscuits and buttermilk cornbread! Be sure to use recipes that call for buttermilk though. Any standard cookbook should have recipes for both.

                I wish I had a glass of buttermilk right now.

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                  Thanks- for the tip. I have never drank buttermilk - will have to try.

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                    i love buttermilk...i drink it instead of "sweet" milk. Nothing in this world beats crumbled cornbread in a glass of it!

                2. Soak chicken in it overnight before breading/battering & frying.
                  Make ranch dressing.
                  It's delicious in soda bread or scones, too.

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                    Thanks I will do chicken tomorrow like that!

                  2. St Paddys Day this weekend, so make a loaf or two of Irish Soda Bread and celebrate! If you can't find a recipe let me know.

                    I bought a quart, and between that, buttermilk pancakes and the rest into a curry sauce I'm making later this week, it will be gone. Although I have frozen it successfully.

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                      Last night I made an impromptu vegetable lasagna using a quart of leftover curried squash soup and about the same of potato leek soup from the freezer, which I was subbing for bechemel. When I got to the topping, I was out of soups so tried covering tightly and baking with just grated cheese on top, figuring the liquid underneath would soften the no-boil noodles. Halfway through I could see my theory wasn't flawless, so in desperation I poured a bunch of buttermilk over it all. I am now going to write this recipe down, it is good enough to make again.

                    2. I love to drink buttermilk (plus, of course, buttermilk with cornbread), but I recently gave a buttermilk smoothie a try. Had the nice tang like yogurt-based smoothies, but used up some excess b'milk. Added fruit and some honey. Delicious and naturally thick.

                      1. Buttermilk is great for drinking especially ice cold, unfortunately most people were not raIsed drinking it so most dont like it, if you have some cottage cheese that is kind of dry add some buttermilk you wont even know its there and it improves it greatly.

                        1. hoping to avoid reiteration...

                          Buttermilk Pie
                          Farmer's Cheese
                          Buttermilk Bar Doughnuts