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Mar 11, 2012 04:55 PM


God, words cannot adequately describe how much I love this burrito joint.
They have several locations in college towns (Northampton, Amherst, Burlington VT...), and they're coming to Acton (ACTON!) in just a couple of weeks.

For my money, these are the best burritos *anywhere*. Leaves Anna's, Chipotle, etc. in the dust thanks to enormous variety. I love the red curry, roasted garlic, and chickpea burrito; Mr. Swank enjoys the East-West with plum sauce (Asian stir-fry, basmati, grilled chicken or tofu, topped with plum sauce).

Also: Excellent red and green salsas (free), plus the choice of low-fat yoghurt as opposed to sour cream. Can order large or pequeno (pint-size) burritos; tacos (with *two* tortillas, free) and quesadillas are also on the menu. Great selection of juices, coolers, and sodas. And delicious, sturdy chips.

There's also a huge roster of options for vegetarians--seitan, tofu, grilled vegetables, and so forth. SO GOOD.

Route 2 is about to see a *lot* more traffic, I suspect.

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  1. Thanks Swank!
    You couldn't be more correct, Bueno's burritos are the best. Have had great examples in Amherst and Burlington.

    Received an email from Bob L the owner indicating that the new store in Acton is in the verge of opening. Hope all goes well with the particulars.
    We're in dire need of a place like Bueno Y Sano around here!


    1. Hopefully this location works out better than the last time Bueno tried to spread out east, on Comm Ave.

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        1. re: CookieLee

          It was definitely awhile ago, but their Comm. Ave. location was going by the English translation of their name, I believe.

          1. re: CookieLee

            "Good and Healthy" was on Commonwealth, near BU, just west of Blandford St., where Noodle St. is now. At best, their burritos were thoroughly mediocre. Maybe it was too much emphasis on the "healthy," and not enough on the "good?" I hope Bueno y Sano is better.

        2. I have been following the progress on facebook. I just hope they make it and last longer than the Chinese restaurant that lasted less than a year in that space.

          1. I'm thinking that parking seems like it would be a problem there. The lot is tiny and no on street parking nearby. If it is take out only, hopefully that would keep cars moving out quickly. Really looking forward to the opening!

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            1. re: Kat

              I'd be surprised if it's take-out only. It's a pretty large building, and right near Acton-Boxborough High School. I'm guessing there will be lots of students hanging out during their free periods. It will probably give Sorrento's Pizzeria some competition.

              1. re: bear

                The parking in the actual lot stinks and pulling out of that lot can be tough too. There is also parking within very short walking distance. A lot across the street i think belongs to a verizon building or something, always empty. Also an abandoned mcdonalds and the kmart lot is huge. Nobody ever parks on the 1/2 towards the street.

                1. re: hargau

                  Hargau, are you an Actonian? :)
                  I'm also willing to bet that there will be plenty of foot traffic from shoppers at Roche Brother's plaza and the Merriam/MCT/ABRHS/RJG complex.

                  1. re: hargau

                    It's not a super-friendly area for pedestrians, but it looks like there's more parking going in behind the Bowladrome, maybe?

              2. I drove by the place yesterday and it looks a lot bigger than I thought it would (for some reason, I was thinking it would be the size of a shoebox). It looked dark and empty, but it WAS a Sunday, so I doubt they'd be doing much work on it, especially with temps in the 50s and sunny.