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Mar 11, 2012 04:03 PM

Pastured Eggs

Hi - Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase pastured eggs within reasonable driving distance from Pitt?

We would hope this might be a place that sells them on their own (no middle man as that gets expensive - as in Farmer's Markets).


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  1. The farmers market at the Firehouse in the Strip District has them, although I don't remember how the prices are.

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    1. re: Burghfeeder

      I checked with them, and they are top dollar! Probably great eggs, but over budget for a college student.

      We were hoping to find a little farm or just someone who sells their own eggs for pick up (thus eliminating the cost of their having to transport and sell them somewhere). We would be glad to pick them up if it's not a long drive from the campus.

      Thanks for your reply!!


      1. re: dreamer54

        This is not much help, but there use to be this AMISH farmer that came into Pittsburgh and sold Milk , Eggs, and some other stuff. Green Circle Farms , could possibly help you out or point you in right direction.

        Just wonder, How much $ are the eggs at the markets??

        1. re: Augie6

          Thanks! I'll look them up.

          The tend tu run about $4 - $5 per dozen in the farmer's markets (they're very good, but let's face it, they're not made of gold!!)

          1. re: Augie6

            I looked up Green Circle Famrs -- looks really great. They seem to have wonderful products, but the eggs are $5.00 per dozen! I guess that's inflation at work. Undoubtedly, farmers are dealing with all the same over-the-top expenses as ther est of us; but it's too bad that it costs more to produce and sell natural products (hens running free and eating bugs!) than it does to mass produce, process, and ship bland, nutritionally inferior eggs.

            1. re: dreamer54

              Another thought you could pull a sorta of recon mission. Ask the "pushers" at the farmers market what farm the eggs came from .. and then contact the farm directly. More than likely they will sell direct to you ..

              1. re: Augie6

                I guess that's not as subversive as it sounds (kidding!!) as we eliminate the need to transport and vend the product! On the other hand, I checked the price to purchase them directly from the Green Circle Farms (as suggested above) and they cost $5 per dozen. I guess we were hoping to find a smaller operation -- the stand at the side of the road type of thing. Maybe doesn't exist anymore (??). Thanks for your input!

                1. re: dreamer54

                  That's about par for the course. I typically get my eggs @ McGinnis Sisters, from an Amish farm in New Wilmington. They run $4/dozen. That's probably the best price you'll see, unless it's somebody who keeps a few chickens in their backyard and, like you said, sells them on the side of the road or something, and don't think you'll see any of that nearby to Oakland.

                  1. re: Whigsboy

                    I think you're right. It seems to be the market price for this product right now. Once you start buying these eggs, it's difficult to go back to using the paltry, pale ones from the grocery store!

      2. The Amish vendor at the South Side Farmers' Market sells a dozen for $3.50. For at least used to as of last season.

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        1. re: k squared

          I think they've gone up to $500 (if I checked the right place)

          1. re: dreamer54

            So you're hoping to to drive to a farm (guessing at least 20 miles from the city if not further) to save a few bucks on a dozen of eggs? Lets say you get the eggs for $2.50/doz, and gas costs you $10. You'd break even at 4 dozen eggs, and that doesn't include the wear and tear, albeit minimal, on your vehicle, plus your time. Stepping over dimes to pick up pennies isn't always the smartest move . . .

            1. re: Rick

              We were just some doing market research to see if the $4 - $5 per dozen really is the norm, and we have discovered that it seems to be (unless you happen live next door to someone who has hens and "gives them away" now and again). These eggs are out of our reach -- at least for now. I'm not terribly surprised about the cost now that I think about it; these eggs have become specialty items, and the cost of absolutely everything has gone up notably. We'll have to stick with the Giant Eagle brand, and maybe stop by one of the farms one day if we're in the area, just for fun.

              Thanks to all of you for your input!

              1. re: dreamer54

                The cost is really not so much about what the market will bear, but rather what the farmers providing these eggs need to charge to cover their costs and make a small profit. Caring for true free-range chickens is not easy and many of the farms who provide them also do grass-fed beef or free-range pork, etc. It's quite a task, requires a lot of work, and I don't think any of these folks are anywhere near making a comfortable living doing it.

                Not that you're necessarily suggesting otherwise, I just think it's important to note that the price of free-range eggs or sustainably raised meat, etc., from my experience talking with farmers and reading about this subject, is tied more closely to the higher costs it takes to produce them.

                1. re: Whigsboy

                  That makes perfect sense to me. I wasn't sure ihow much the market was the driver, but I'm sure you're right -- selling the truly free range (pastured) eggs is probably something they provide more as a special offering from these farms than a money-maker. I love to suport these farms as much as I can, and I love the eggs, but with the cost of everything going up, up, up, it's difficult right now.