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Mar 11, 2012 03:48 PM

toor dal recipes?

what recipes do you like? i want to cook some plain comforting toor dal too, but i don't have a pressure cooker. what are your favorite methods?

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  1. I used this recipe a few nights ago- super simple and delicious. I used green lentils though, but they seem pretty similar.

    1. Toor daal has a very strong taste that not everyone likes, although it is the preferred daal in some regions. You may like to look for recipes for khatti daal, Gujarati daal, and sambar to see some well known Indian regional dishes that usually specify the use of toor daal. Be aware that toor daal is also called arhar daal, and you can find it spelled tovar instead of toor, but it is all the same. These are the Hindi/Urdu names, but in the South Indian languages in the places where this daal is the most popular as a daily daal, it will have other names.

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        Making idlis and sambar this morning for b'fast for S. Indian hubby and his friend. While I do love Indian food, I'm one of those who doesn't care for the flavor of toor daal, so I eat my idli with hummus.

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          How would you describe the taste? Nutty and somewhat pasty? Toor dal was our daily dal growing up and if it wasn't made right, there was an unpleasant nutty, pasty, but bland flavor I didn't like. But so long as the dal has been cooked with acid (a tomato masala at the beginning and maybe a squeeze of lemon at the end) along with a tasty tadka (cumin, mustard, green chilies) and a bit of spinach for some bitterness, it wasn't something I minded too much.

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            I usually make it plain and add in the acid later...tamarind, lime juice, or kokum. Toor has an earthy, nutty taste. I prefer channa daal, though.

            BTW Ramonasaur I don't use a pressure cooker on this daal either. Soak for 20 minutes or up to an hour, then boil for about 40 minutes to an hour. I'd say 3 cups water, once cup daal ratio should be fine and you can always add more water later if you think you need it.

        2. I normally make tarka dal, I'll have to try toor dal next time. I don't use a pressure cooker, I prepare then simmer in the oven for 3 or 4 hours adding water as required.

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            1. The pressure cooker is just a time saver. You can slow cook toor dal as well.

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                thanks jungmann -- i just did. i used too much water (4:1) but the split dal cooked quickly and i ended up pureeing it into a soup with coconut oil and some chicken fat, and ginger and garlic and a hot green pepper and tomatoes and lime... pretty good.

            2. You can sub toor dal in any recipe calling for masur dal (red lentils). It takes a bit longer to cook, not too much longer though, assuming your toor dal are split. I love toor dal. It has a rich, earthy flavor that to me is just delicious.

              This is a good basic recipe, very plain but I like it quite well.

              If you want something with a bit more pep, try this one.

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                thanks westminstress! i'll try these.