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Mar 11, 2012 03:02 PM

Macarons in Bulk

Hey! Does anyone know where I can order macarons in bulk? I want to give them as favors for my wedding in September but I'd need about 400. I'm looking to pay less than $1.50/each if possible!

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  1. A couple of years ago I ordered them from Garces Trading Company, in two different flavors, about 200 pieces. If I'm remembering correctly though, I think we may have paid $2/each. (there was no discount on ordering a large amount, and i'm blanking on the cost of the macarons at GTC right now)

    1. You might contact Fralingers in Ocean City, we get them there every summer.

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        i could be wrong, but i think the OP is talking about macarons, the french dessert, not macaroons.

      2. I think I've seen them at Miel. You might give them a call.

        1. The ones that the Sugar Philly Truck makes are a bit larger than the standard size (maybe you give one instead of two?), but they are so good. Looks like they do catering, it might be worth contacting them about:

          1. I just bought some this past weekend from the Painted Truffle and they were delicious. They have a stand at the Farm Market in Stockton, NJ (not far from New Hope). I'm trying to remember how much I paid -- I think it was about $1 each. Their website doesn't mention macarons, but they had them in about a dozen different flavors.