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Mar 11, 2012 02:40 PM

Vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Calgary

A group of us are heading down to Calgary in a few weeks. Three of them are vegetarian, and I'd like to find some good vegatarian or vegetarian-friendly places to take them to. Anything close to the BMO Centre downtown - whether it's a cafe, bistro, sit-down restaurant, etc... - would be especially useful. Thanks!

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  1. The most popular are The Coup and Gratitude Cafe. Both are just outside the downtown core. The Coup is my favourite. Note that neither place takes reservations.

    There's also the Sunflower Cafe at Community Natural Foods on 10th ave sw. It's self serve, with a large salad bar, hot buffet items, sandwiches, burritos, pizza, soups and a juice bar. It's a good place for a quick bite but it's always crowded so it can be hard to get a table for more than one person. Still, I love it. Their roasted yams with peanut dressing... Mmmm...

    1. Very close to BMO, check out Sunterra Market at Keynote. Nice salad bar (i've seen tofu there before. Eggs are always there, along with meat), veg salads in the deli and lots of produce.

      1. As a vegetarian, I personally hate The Coup and strongly dislike Gratitude Cafe. Calgary has lots of great restaurants that have vegetarian dishes on the menu. Aida's is a Lebanese restaurant on 4th Street that has a few different vegetarian options, including a vegetarian platter that is awesome. Don't miss their mouhammara! It's very affordable but always packed, so make a reservation. Just down the block at Mercato you can piece together a great vegetarian meal with a pasta and few of their vegetable sides; the food is great but it's on the more expensive side. Again, reserve. Just across the 10th Street Bridge in Kensington there are a number of other good choices. Marathon Ethiopian has a vegetarian platter, Vero Bistro Moderne always has a good vegetarian entree and a starter or two and Pulcinella has good Neopolitan-style pizzas. Anju, just on the west end of the downtown core, is a Korean-fusion place where you can also piece together a good vegetarian meal. They advertise "Canada's best yam fries" but I prefer their more Korean-inspired dishes. For pub food I was surprised by the options at The Belfry- they have good salads, a veggie pizza and a roasted vegetable sandwich.

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          I'm not a fan of gratitude cafe either. The food is plain and the service has never been too Welcoming. I haven't been in at least a year so maybe it has improved.

        2. co-sign on Marathon and Aida's.

          I'd add Cafe Koi to the list of vegetarian friendly options in town, it's definitely a stand by in our household for a quick casual meal.

          At the high end of things, I've actually had very good luck with the vegetarian options at Blink.

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            Agreed! I forgot about Cafe Koi; they have a five-spice tofu bowl (I think?) that I've always enjoyed. I tried Blink recently for The Big Taste and really liked their vegetarian choices (endive-based salad, gnocchi) too.

          2. Just read about a new cafe called Madly Organic:

            Anyone been?