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Mar 11, 2012 10:24 AM

crumble coffee cake

Starbucks used to feature a delicious crumble coffee cake. They no longer carry it. Is there any place in the San Fernando Valley where I can find it?

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  1. Earlez on Crenshaw in SLA is the only place where I've seen it served but that's not in the SFV. Theirs is the same as the coffee cake that used to be served in the LAUSD school cafeterias.

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    1. re: Sam D.

      Crenshaw's a bit too far for me. How about the L.A. area? By the way, in New York they carry it at Cafe Europa. I'd sure like to taste it again here in town.

    2. Whole Foods (at least the one near me) makes a good one.

      1. Before you give up on Starbuck's crumble cake have you contacted the corporate office? I love their maple scones and for awhile they weren't carrying them. A few of us contacted the office and they're now carrying them year 'round.

        1. The recipe for The LaBrea Bakery crumb cake is on the internet somewhere.

          1. don't know how far this is from you but Canter's Deli has a good coffee cake

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            1. re: ateawrecks

              I appreciate all your suggestions, but I sure would like to get the exact same one that used to be featured at Starbucks!

              1. re: howard81

                Call Starbucks Corporate office in Seattle....
                206-447-1575 and ask for customer service.

                Starbucks uses a distributor to supply their bakery products.
                Ask what/if you can do to find out about the Crumble Coffee Cake you love.