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Mar 11, 2012 09:28 AM

Chinese Steamed Pork Buns (Char Siu Bao?) in Dallas - Take Out?

I love Char Siu Bao (I think this is the correct term for steamed pork buns)! I'd like to share them with some friends, so I'd like to find a place where I can order them to be taken out. I've found some frozen ones in the past, but I don't do a good job of reheating them, so, I'd like to pick them up close to the time I'll be sharing them. (On a Monday evening around 6.)

I live north of Addison. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I know you can buy them freshly made in the food court at Asia World Market at Legacy near Central Expy.
    And most probably at 99 Ranch Market at Spring Creek and Central.

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      Thank you - I think I'll check it out this afternoon!

    2. I would head out to the food court on Legacy & 75 on the West side of the Asia world shopping center.

      1. Quick update: I headed up to the Legacy and 75/Central Expressway area. (Thanks to both twin willow's and irodguy's suggestions.) The food court had what I was looking for: Bao of many kinds from Tasty Buns. (Tasty Buns, 240 Legacy Dr., #308B, Plano, TX 75023 inside the food court.) I arrived later in the day and there were only two types left: pork/cabbage and red bean paste. I also learned that the Char Siu BBQ style that I love is mainly a dim sum offering. So, I am taking a chance - I bought a dozen and I am going to try to steam them to life for my friends. Wish me luck!

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            You can also pan fry them. They used to make the smaller buns for this, but now only do the larger. Pay frying them crisp them on the bottom, really something different than an average steamed bun.

          2. Someone here would need to confirm (or you could call) but doesn't JS Chen's do dim sum around the clock? I think they do in which case they would definitely have char siu bao.

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                JS Chen's only does daytime dim sum at their Plano Location. At Legacy they have 'lunch' dim sum and 'dinner' dim sum. Online, one can see the dim sum menus for Legacy. The Plano location online only shows pictures. So thank you for the tip!

            1. I think that North China might also have them for $1.00 a bun. They are located at Parker and Independence in the corner of the Tom Thumb center complex on the SEC. Not sure if they are vegetable or BBQ pork. It has been several months since I have ahd them.