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Mar 11, 2012 08:44 AM

In search of the best Cinnamon Roll in Austin

Cinnamon Rolls are my weakness. There are different styles of cinnamon rolls (flaky croissant style such as Upper Crust and Russels vs. the yeast-y creamy frosting type from Central Market). I love them ALL, but today i'm thinking about the yeast-y dough-y kind with plenty of cinnamon spread rolled in, and frosting, preferably with raisins. My absolute favorite in that category is The Kolache Shoppe on Burnett Road... they are delicious! But i'm looking for a backup and always excited to try a new cinnamon roll :) Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. It's not a traditional roll but Upper Crust bakery has a good one. Had an equally good but more traditional roll at Texas French Bread.

    1. Not quite a cinnamon roll, but close enough... Barrie Cullinan's "AM Buns" will make you lose your mind. Still sugary, but less gooey, more buttery. Hopefully she'll get that brick & mortar location open soon, wherever it will be.

      1. Swedish Hill Bakery has the best flaky croissant style ones! (or so what my taste buds think).

        1. Thanks for the sugguestions so far! Where can i find these Barrie Cullinan's "AM rolls"? Are they available anywhere besides the farmers' market on the weekends?

          I'll try Texas French Bread tomorrow morning. I hadn't thought of trying that place.

          Thanks again.

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            I always used to get them at Enoteca, but they no longer serve breakfast. I'm not sure if they're available anywhere now, although I know she does make batches of them to order. Her site's if you want to ask.

            Like I mentioned about the brick and mortar location earlier though, I think it's coming very soon.

          2. While you are searching buy a loaf of Greenlee's cinnamon bread at Whole Foods downtown, it's in the bread section in the back. You may forget about your cinammon roll search. Toast and butter it and kick back.