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Mar 11, 2012 07:47 AM

Prime Rib on the strip?

Where can I get a good prime rib dinner ON THE STRIP? Staying at Treasure Island, want to stay on the strip.
My party would like to keep it reasonably priced. Read about Lawry's, $35 is as high as we'll go but we'd like to keep it cheaper if we can. Please help! Leave in a few days.
Thank you!

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  1. toniad - head south and turn right at NY NY about 1/4 mile west is The Orleans. too far for you to walk but a short cab ride. Prime Rib Loft is one of those hidden "secrets." upstair looking out over the casino serve great prime rib. stick with the prime rib the rest of the menu is ok but not their specialty. cheap but very good. atmosphere is great.
    other option is South Point - Primarily Prime Rib - about four miles south of Mandalay Bay, on the strip. used to be a Boyd Gaming so it is very similiar to Suncoast and Orleans as far as food goes. i would rate this place NO. 1 in my book. cajun style is fantastic and a must!!! worth the cab fare. take the extra time and visit The "M" just a little farther south. nice place.
    going next month and doing both PPR and PRL. always do. have fun.
    stick with Boyd Gaming places for breakfasts $6.99 for your basic morning foods.