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Mar 11, 2012 07:41 AM

Nicky's Pizzeria in White Plains

Stopped by yesterday and it was closed off with yellow tape and a sign that said something about a fire. The inside dining area looked pretty intact, there were even some pies still on the counter. Maybe it was in the back? Anyone have any details?

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  1. heard the roof caught on fire

    1. The fire was caused by a faulty damper which controls the temperature in the oven. It broke in the closed position, overheated the oven and set the flue on fire. WPFD chopped holes in the roof to make sure it had not spread. Nicky's will probably be closed for a few weeks until they make the necessary repairs.

      I personally will be going crazy waiting for them to open, as there isn't another good pizzeria around in White Plains.

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        Try 3 Guys from Italy or 5 Boys from Staten Island (can never remember the exact name) down by Wells Fargo.

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          I have heard raves about Anthony's on Main St. Not only good pizza, but excellent food. Itt's no Nicky's, but Italian Pavillion used to have a decent slice back in the day. Haven't been there in about four years, but it was a lot better than the average westchester pizzeria

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            italian pavilion is merely average now, it hasn't been great for many years now.However lombardos, which is near rose dale on mamaroneck ave is very good- I have not gotten past the pizza, but they seem to do well from the orders i see going by- seems a bit pricey to me. also it is outside of the downtown area

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I just drove by and saw for the first time a different restaurant name at their location. Construction is still ongoing, but it does not look good for Nicky's...

            1. Red Plum an Asian restaurant (there is one in Mamaroneck) is opening in Nicky's Pizza spot.

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                Great...right between Asian temptation, ichiro, and haiku. Not far from noda's or Bao's.