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Burgers, Burgers, Burgers!

Two new burger places have opened up within 10 minutes from my home: Five Guys (which has been discussed in various threads) and The Habit, which I haven't seen discussed anywhere and I believe is mostly in So California. There are quite a few other places close to my home (including local "joints") which make (burger) life interesting. The Counter, In & Out, Red Robin, Taxi's (local joint) and Johnnies (another local one) all are close; some have better parking or are more accessible than others--a necessity in suburbia. Any place that has sweet potato fries gets extra points with me. And of course there's McD's, Burger King and Carls Jr which are only when I'm truly desparate for a quick meal.

Any thoughts on The Habit vs 5 Guys or In/Out? Curious to what other people think about this new place. I don't go out for burgers that often but of course want the best!


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  1. You should try Five Guys. Personally, I no longer eat there as the stores are wildly inconsistent; one location will be fine, the next will be horrible. From your list, I'd say Counter Burger had the best quality ingredients and prep. For me, it's worth the extra few bucks.

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      +1 on The Counter Burger, sadly our local one closed. I thought the burger was really good [one of the best in Seattle though I know I may be in the minority on that] with quality beef and the choose your own toppings was nice. They also do have sweet potato fries and the onion strings are addictive. They do cook them pink which is just right for me but if you like well done tell them.

    2. I agree that you should give 5 guys a try. They do a single or a double and customize toppings to order. I'm partial to the grilled onions, mayo, ketchup on a cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger either size. FYI they cook fries in peanut oil.

      Is it my favorite burger? probably not but worth trying.

      1. Have not tried Five Guys, yet so I can't comment on that. There is The Habit nearby and we've gone. It's wildly popular. They give you a pager when you place your order and it will notify you when your food is ready. The burgers were top notch and DS loved the milkshake. I don't remember the fries but I remember that I thot the value was there for what we had paid. There is a fish sandwich there that I want try.

        1. I've found that The Habit is mediocre at best.

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            It sounds like The Habit emphasizes the "char broiled" aspect. In other words, Burger King way back when. :)

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              Emphasizing 'char broiled' is ok but the one's I've had seemed to emphasize dryness. I don't think they cook anything less than well done.

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                Although they use the word "char" in their advertising, they are not char broiled at all. They are cooked on a flat top.

            2. I've done 5 Guys and In and Out in LA. We have a 5 Guys in town now. I prefer In & Out, but only when I'm ready for a real calorie fest. I know, personal problem, but it is pretty heavy in calories. But OH so good....

              1. Thanks for all the responses. I knew there would be a lot of comparison between all of them but sometimes it's hard to decide what is really the best. I forgot there are 2 other local places so that's a total of 9, not counting McD/BK/Carls. I know, an embarassment of riches and there's only so many burgers I would eat out, considering my default meal alone is usually a salad of some sort (trying to lose weight, always).

                The next chance I get, I'll try 5 Guys (and it's funny they opened just 1 block from one of the local places, the only other place I haven't tried). I'm really interested to see how good they really are. I ate at the Habit the other night, and thought it wasn't as good as the one I ate at in SoCal. I think it's like alot of other small chains, the quality can vary depending on local management.

                I think ultimately, where I eat depends on who I'm with, what neighborhood we're in or going to, and how much time we have to spend eating/finding parking. Eating at The Counter would take longer than at The Habit, Taxi's has their own parking lot, 5 Guys is in a great neighborhood to walk/shop in, etc etc.

                Thanks again!

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                  5 Guys does burgers on a flat top. As has been mentioned the consistency varies wildly from store to store. If you get a good one, you're in business. If not, keep looking.

                  I've not heard of many of the others you've mentioned. Much less tried them.


                2. Tried a 5G once here in CT. Should not have. One can smell the grease from the busy road out front of the place. Many years ago, I was an AVID (almost rabid) fan of InO in SOCal. Only reason I'm not is that they are not in CT. Even after all these years, I fondly remember In-n-Out. And what they used to do to the bumer stickers (remove the B and the R)

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                    They redesigned the bumper stickers so you can't do that any more. The burgers haven't changed one bit though.