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Foodie driving through CT....what are some MUST try's ??

I want to take drive from NYC through Greenwich, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven & Norwalk.

I am very eager to try foods that are unique to Conneticut's local cuisine. I prefer hole- in- wall places that give a good , local feel of the town and area. Also places that are not really unique , but institutions in CT.

What are spots I should definitley hit ? Also suggested driving routes would be IDEAL , but i'll take whatever I can get.

I have seen posts on this topic but they were pretty outdated.

Thanks for any and all info !! Can't wait ...

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  1. Apparently Frank Pepe Pizza Napoletana in New Haven is America's 49th *best* restaurant.......

    1. the roadfood.com board would be a good place for suggestions for hole in the wall places

      1. It all depends on what you want. Obviously hole-in-the-wall means less fancy, so I do have some suggestions. It's kinda hard to find holes in the wall closer to Greenwich as they cater to a wealthy audience, and the places I know that are great there tend to be pricey. Although Burgers, Shakes and Fries in Greenwich is pretty good. Kinda like Shake Shack. IMO New Haven is a foodie's dream with the most varied, interesting and high quality food scene in CT and mostly without pretentiousness.

        Here's some suggestions:

        Greenwich - Burgers, Shakes and Fries
        Stamford - Colony Grill (I personally hate the pizza, but a lot of people love the hot oil topping with stingers, and it's a CT institution)
        Norwalk - Valencia Luncheria (Venezuelan beach food with a twist), Beach Burger, Jeff's Cuisine, Cactus Grill, Los Molcajetes
        Westport - Westfair Fish and Chips, Christie's Market
        Bridgeport - Merritt Canteen, Pho Saigon, Bloodroot
        Stratford - Gaetano's Deli, Danny's Drive-In, Salerno's Apizza
        Milford - Bobette's (known for mussels chowder), Mr. Mac's Canteen, The Corner Restaurant (superlative brunch in a quirky grandma's house setting), Seven Seas Restaurant (known for fish n chips and some of the best lobster rolls in CT), Scribner's Seafood, The Lazy Lobster, Walnut Beach Creamery (ice cream), Scratch Baking
        West Haven - Dive Bar (great, rare view of the sound and amazing burgers! great local place with a laid back fee)

        New Haven - Any of the famous pizza places: Frank Pepe (arguably CT's most famous institution), Sally's Apizza, Modern Apizza, BAR. Louis' Lunch (1896 - invented the burger), Prime 16, York Street Noodle House, Miya's Sushi (funkiest sushi ever and a Yale/New Haven staple), Zinc/Kitchen Zinc, Caseus, many food trucks (Tijuana Taco Company, The Cheese Truck, etc. etc.), Soul De Cuba, Mamoun's Falafel (although they're in NYC too), Kasbah Garden, Koffee, Libby's Italian Pastry Shop, Mezcal ('mazing Mexican dive). I could go on!

        There are a few CT institutions worth noting that might not be worth the trip. Archie Moore's is all over (Fairfield, Milford, New Haven, etc), they're all about the bar food and specifically wings. Southport Brewing Company (SBC) too (Stamford, Southport, Milford), thinking of them as a higher end Chili's type food, but they brew their own (not bad) beer. The beer at BAR in New Haven is better though. Plan B is another CT-specific chain that has an outpost in Milford. Tengda is an Asian group of restaurants in Greenwich, Westport, Darien, Stamford, Milford. They ain't a hole in the wall though. Neither is the Spanish tapas staple Barcelona in Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield and New Haven.

        Roadfood.com is a great resource.

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          Amazing! ...I'm gonna try to hit up as much these as I can. Thanks !

          1. re: ItsMee

            I forgot Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield!

            Swanky Franks is also popular

            1. re: Stylo

              Monkey Farm in Old Saybrook is missing from your list. It's a classic roadhouse with surprisingly good bar food. Cash only. Sycamore Drive-in in Bethel is iconic, especially if you're a car guy. Go there for flattened burgers and house-made root beer.

        2. West Haven - Turk's and Chick's for split, griddled Hummel's hot dogs, fried clams, hot lobster rolls and onion rings. Zuppardi's for pizza.

          New Haven - Pepe's for pizza, Lucibello's for Italian Pastry, LIbby's for Italian Ice, Louis Lunch for a hamburger, Leon's for pork chops Sicilian, Adrianna's for the chilled seafood salad.

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          1. re: awm922

            Thanks ! Even though some places on there are kinda high end , table cloth, designer plates kinda place. LOL

            1. re: ItsMee

              Leon's yes, Adrianna's is not too bad, but still higher end then the rest. I did forget Richter's, New Haven's oldest bar and Humphrey's East. Both are New Haven musts.

              1. re: awm922

                Richter's closed about a year ago. The 116 Crown owners are reopening it soon though.

            2. re: awm922

              Totally second Lucibellos for pastry and cookies an Libby's for the ice. Don't get pastry at Libby's. For the ice get in the squeeze cups and the vanilla which has tiny nuts is the way to go. Pepe's or Modern for your pies, order all smalls and have a variety of toppings. I personally like clams casino I'd not burned.

              1. re: melpy

                Ew, no. Not Lucibello's. Gummy,cornsstachy paste passing for pastry cream. Pastry that can't be made with butter and spends too much time on the shelf refrigerated. Pass pass pass. It is an iconic New Haven tradition, but reality doesn't hold up to nostalgic associations.

                The only decent pastry in New Haven is Marjolaine... Chestnut Fine Foods, too, but that isn't their main business.

                1. re: The Lorax

                  Scratch Baking in Milford is a best-in-class bakery. Their eclairs are absolutely ridiculous. I love that place but if I go too often I'll become obese.

                  1. re: Stylo

                    Scratch Baking also makes an excellent cream puff - a shot of ganache lines each cut side of the pastry, with a generous dollop of whpped cream in between - and their chocolate pudding is to die for. They're great with non-chocolate stuff, too. (I *do* go there too often.)

                    1. re: harrie

                      Yes the cream puff is also amazing. Now I have to try the pudding. Lesli is very talented.

                  2. re: The Lorax

                    Overpriced cupcakes and brownies are not decent pastry, not a reason to stop there. I used to get the same stuff in High School at the pastry shop in the Hamden Plaza.

              2. Windmill in Stratford is about as local an institution as you can get. Hasn't changed in decades, except for no longer serving Miller's hot dogs (RIP).

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                1. re: LorenV

                  Good one. Old crusty awesome German place.

                  1. re: Stylo

                    Sorry but I could not recommend Seven Seas or Scribners in Milford. I was served a rotten piece of fish at the Seas and the bar crowd is low life. Scribners hasn't been good in so many years. Way overpriced and poorly executed dishes. Thinly sliced, dried out swordfish, broken hollandaise, that was it for me.

                    1. re: diakon

                      Admittedly I haven't been at Scribner's in years. Seven Seas though I've never had a bad meal, the lobster roll is the best I've had in CT - and I've tried many. You call it low life, I call it a good mixed, down-to-earth crowd. That's all subjective. It's a younger bar crowd that can get rowdy, but that's the same in any pub dive. You have to like dive bars and the dive bar crowd to like the Seas. I've taken many friends, mostly very educated and successful types, and they love it and the bar atmosphere there. I much prefer it to the Jersey Shore crowd at Stonebridge or the pretentious lower FFC crowd in SoNo, etc. Also, if you go before 9 - the bar crowd is a non-issue. It's pretty low key during dining hours.

                      1. re: Stylo

                        I grew up in Milford and spent part of my youth at the Seas. When I tried it much later on I found the food on par with most sports bars. And not only were there rowdy young drinkers at the bar but I swear some of the same old drinkers too. Now there is going to be a Mustang Sally's replacing Daniel St. With Archie Moore's, SBC, Stonebridge and the Seas and the latest opening, downtown Milford is living up to its' reputation as a party bar town. I would avoid it on Friday and Saturday nights, lots of drunk drivers.

                2. The SoNo Baking Company and Cafe in South Norwalk is a great spot for a quick lunch, or grab a ham and cheese croissant (the best) and a pastry or two to go.


                  1. I believe Scribner's is closed. I would have given them a pass in any event. The food was fair, the place itself was dank.

                    Thumbs down on Chick's in West Haven. Instead, go to Stowe's which is just down the street. Much, much, much, much better seafood. Really delicious. They do listen to rightwing radio at times, which can put me off my clams. But honestly, if you are hankering for fried seafood go there instead of Chick's. Also for seafood I like Lenny's Indian Head Inn in Branford or Lenny and Joe's in Clinton and Westbrook (I think?)

                    For New Haven PIzza, Sally's is profound and unique. Get there at 4:30 and wait on the sidewalk. So so worth it. As a runner up, go to bar on Crown Street. That is fast and it's a brew pub and the salad is very tasty too and it is BIG, a real scene, but you probably won't have to wait too long. People watching is great at bar because everybody goes there. But you can get Pepe's type pizza elsewhere and Modern, well, they're killin' you softly with queso, so if a bucket of melted cheese is what makes a pizza for you, okay, go to Modern.

                    But if you want profound crust and wonderful sauce and authenticity and perhaps a bit of magic all coupled with, yeah, some inconvenience, go to Sally's. Go to Sally's and groove on the ugly old decor and the cool people who run the joint and you will KNOW you have done what you yearn to do when you travel. FEEL THE AUTHENTICITY BABY! And the pizza gets no better.

                    If you are just blasting through New Haven at lunch time, you could do worse than to hit the trucks by the harbor.

                    And in New Haven you drink. Go to 116 Crown, go to the Firehouse down the block, to Rudy's in their new location, go to Elm Bar where Rudy's used to be. Have a beer. Have a cocktail. Soul de Cuba makes nice sandwiches and the music is great. Noodle House is fast, cheap and fun. Great Wall is a trip and a half if you want to eat Chinese food. Caseus can bliss you out with food and they do love love love food there. Thali Too, behind the Apple store is vegetarian Indian food with a multitude of snacks and breads and very hip decor.

                    Good food. Good people. Enjoy your visit to New Haven. We love it here, even if dieting in the Elm City is a bitch.



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                    1. re: Pipenta

                      Please tell me where you can get Pepe's type pizza other then Pepe's? I would love to know that. I lived in the New Haven area for 40 years and no one even remotely makes a pizza like Pepe's. I have to disagree about Sally's. The only thing profound about Sally's is the customer abuse for a basic pizza. Unless you're a regular, you'll wait way too long. Pepe's is by far a better pizza and no customer abuse.
                      I do agree with with Lenny's Indian head, but Lenny and Joe's is just ok at best. If you're looking for great seafood in that area, there's Bill's Seafood and the Clam Castle. By far the better choices

                      1. re: awm922

                        I shouldn't spar about seafood as there is so little of it I actually care for, but I must fight you on Bill's. I love it for the whole let's-sit-outside-in-the-sunshine vibe, but for the one fried seafood treat near and dear to my heart--the scallop roll--Lenny & Joe's (either location, Westbrook or Madison) kicks Bill's ass hard. I had pictures of one vs. the other a coupla years ago. Pics don't lie. Ahh, I found it!

                        No hard feelings, awm--you and I are usually on the same page. ;)

                        1. re: kattyeyes

                          Totally agree with Katty on Bill's vs Lenny and Joe's. L&J's has much better food. Besides the fried classics, L&J has excellent fresh grilled salmon, swordfish and (often) mahi mahi. And then of course, there's their perfect cole slaw. Just ask Katty.

                          1. re: chowmensch

                            :) Thanks and happy weekend, chowmensch!

                        2. re: awm922

                          For the New Haven born and bred, this is Hatfield and McCoy time.

                          Where else to get Pepe's outside of New Haven? Hmmmm, let's look at their website: http://www.pepespizzeria.com/?page=lo...

                          Why you can even pick up some at the casino!

                          I admit I have only been to the one in New Haven, and it ain't bad, if you order carefully. If you dig a white clam pie, they can rock it. But bacon? Oh, just flip a slice on the side and watch that grease pool on your plate.

                          And what on earth happened with the staff at Sally's? They aren't going to kiss your backside, but if you are nice to them, they are nice to you. It's a small place, there's always a crowd, always a rush. They work hard. But rude? Not that I've experienced over the decades. I hear this about the wait staff at bar too, where I have never seen anything but professionalism.

                          I don't half so often run into rude servers as I see complaints about such things. And I'm not saying it doesn't happen. When it does, it fries me to a frizzle.

                          And when we have feelings for a place, good or bad, there is certainly a confirmation bias. But I've been in plenty of places where I was underwhelmed by the food, but the staff was still nice. And I've been in plenty of places where the staff hasn't been very competent (I tend to suspect the management.) but they still aren't rude.

                          The Sally's versus Pepe's thing might boil down to taste, to a lot of things. But I'm wondering about your experience with the staff. I am not questioning it. Please understand. If you had a crappy time, you had a crappy time. And waiting out on the sidewalk in miserable weather for 45 minutes can be harsh. But what happened? Were they flat out rude, or just rushed and you had a sucky long wait? I'm not always in the mood to wait, which is why bar is my fall back. I need ENERGY to go to Sally's. I get that. I get that it is not for everybody and not for all the time. But dude, what happened?

                          And yeah, Lenny and Joe's hasn't been stellar of late. Clam Castle has always scared me, but now I will try them. What's your fav there?

                          1. re: Pipenta

                            I've eaten at Clam Castle for more than 40 years. They haven't updated the place, just their prices. BUT it's great clam shack seafood, they way it iused to be and in season only.
                            Don't be scared, wait for hot weather, order some fried whole bellies and sict at the picbic tables and enjoy.

                            1. re: Pipenta

                              I went to Sally's with a group of 8, there was no line. The finally sat us after a while and then no one came to ask us for our order. After about 15 minutes, we got up and went to Pepe's. I finally got back there about a year later, waited a half hour in line and had cheese pizza. It wasn't worth the wait. I was getting a better pizza at Venice on Dixwell Ave. So you are right, it's about taste. I only order the white clam at Pepe's. I have had others there, but the white clam is why I go there. And like you said, you CAN get a Pepe's pizza somewhere else...at another Pepe's.

                              Clam Castle has great shrimp, whole clams and onion rings that to me, are the best since going to Phyllis's as a kid at Savin Rock in West Haven. Old fashioned Rt 1 summertime place.

                              1. re: Pipenta

                                Clam Castle is wonderful. Whole clam bellies, onion rings, lobster roll, chowders. I've seen Jacques Pepin in there several times eating a cold lobster salad roll. Can't wait for them to open.

                              2. re: awm922

                                Modern and BAR. Or even Abate.

                                1. re: Stylo

                                  I have been to Modern 3 times. Each time the pizza was undercooked. Even when I went for lunch around 3pm and it wasn't crowded. 3 strikes and you're out....Abate pizza is an afterthought for them. It's good, but why not get the real thing just a few feet away at Pepe's? I do go there for their entrees. I have not had pizza at Bar. I remember when they first opened and would go there for beers, but never had their pizza. I'll have to make a trek to try it when back in the old stomping grounds.

                                  1. re: awm922

                                    My father usually asked for them well done. As long as someone doesn't take that as cinders for crust it is usually good. In 27 years of eating it I only had that happen once.

                                2. re: awm922

                                  Agree with you about Lenny and Joe's, I much prefer Clam Castle, BUT it is closed for the season. I eagerly await their spring opening.

                                  1. re: awm922

                                    Pepe's Pizza is variable in quality, depending on which shop you go to. I've had good experience with the Danbury shop (great white clam pizza), but knowledgable foodie friends were put off by the Fairfield outlet - soggy, undercooked crust, eaten at the shop - and an attitude when the husband pointed this out to them.

                                    1. re: DavidA06488

                                      It varies. I've also had it amazing at Fairfield and disappointing at Danbury. The original location is far more consistent. I find the biggest problem with the satellite locations is their skill in building the pizza. They often do too thick crust, not enough sauce, etc.

                                      1. re: Stylo

                                        That's the problem in everything. Maintaining fidelity to the model is the key.

                                    1. re: Pipenta

                                      Sally's is undoubtedly the best pizza (ever?). Long long wait though. Horrible service. I like the cruddy old decor A LOT though.

                                      I never found Modern overly cheesy. They do their own thing. It's good and up there on the pizza scale, but not as consistent as Pepe's and Sally's IMO. It's still better than 99% of any pizza though.

                                      Lenny and Joe's is really good. I will say though that I've had a better lobster roll at Seven Seas (personal favorite) and Citrus, Lenny and Joe's is on par with Westfair Fish and Chips. The freshness and abundance of lobster is the most important part to me.

                                      Scribner's is definitely still open.

                                      1. re: Stylo

                                        I agree Modern is not overly cheesy. We only order smalls at Modern or Pepe's so maybe the size you get affects the cheese ratio. Consistency is an issue at Modern but in 27 years I've only truly been disappointed once. Typical pies we order: white mozz, red mozz, white sliced tomato, red eggplant, red half sausage half bacon, clams casino (for the basic whit clam no cheese stick with Pepes), white broccoli. I haven't had one but I heard Pepe's does a nice white with roasted red pepper.

                                        1. re: melpy

                                          I always do small and medium too. Thinner crust usually.

                                      2. re: Pipenta

                                        FYI>>>>re: Stowe's
                                        If you are traveling be aware, they accept CASH only. No credit or debit cards. Seafood is costly, so stop at the atm first.
                                        A great choice.
                                        I also think Chick's is fair at best.
                                        For a good value, go ton Turk's across from Jimmie's for whole belly clams, but as soon as you enter turn right into the self service counter area. Same food as the dining room from the same kitchen, but substantially less expensive.

                                        Where are the days of Jimmie's 65 cent Lobster Rolls, 15 cent Hot Dogs and dining in your car at the rock? Followed by a run down the slide at Peter Fran's fun house???????????????

                                        1. re: bagelman01

                                          Those days existed in the 60's. I still remember going to my grandparents on Peck Ave, Phyllis's was our place of choice with the split Hummel's, onion rings, fries and clams on the pressed paper containers. The carousel, all the other rides. Chick's was hardly on the map then. Even the old Turk's was on the other corner. Man, what a time that was growing up. Don't forget the Campbell Ave Crawl when you got older.

                                          1. re: awm922

                                            We used to go to Jimmie's when you could eat in the parking lot. The large, scary man that took your order and could flip about 20 hot dogs at a time. He was so intense and fast and if you didn't know what you wanted he didn't wait. He worked like the wind, he was truly, awesome.

                                            1. re: awm922

                                              The Campbell Ave Crawl is something my kids did..................

                                              I remember the rock from the 50s and 60s. Everyone went to the rock on Promotion night (last day of school). We beloneged to the surf club which was on the ocean across from Peter Frank's where Jimmie's is now.

                                              I mis Terry's Honey Dew Popcorn. In the 80s I bought my heating oil from Cash Oil in West Haven. He owned the popcorn company, and when I'd stop in to pay the oil bill, he always gifted us a box of assorted flavor popcorn. I was never a fan opf Phyllis' I preferred the Roessler Yellow Tags to the Hummels. I remember the old Turks, The old stadium with demolition Derby and the A&W stand across the street. I also remember a hot dog place called Jim's that died about 1965.

                                              We go to Jimmie's about every 9 months to appease the MIL's memory, but don't care for it. Chick's is vile. Turks has good belly clams. We do enjoy SushiX in the shopping plaza next top People's bank.

                                        2. I'm not sure when you're taking your trip, but one of my favorite spots farther along the coast is Abbott's in Noank. They'll be open again in May. Best CT-style lobster roll, IMO.


                                          If you ever decide to venture farther north into the state, Rein's Deli in Vernon is amazing. Their pastrami Reuben is wonderful, as are their barrel pickles and knishes.


                                          Ted's in Meriden is home to a regional favorite, the steamed cheeseburger. Another Chowhound, kattyeyes has posted about her successful attempts to recreate them at home, but it is always worth a visit to try out the original.


                                          Another favorite local cheeseburger is the grilled cheeseburger with the crispy grilled cheese from Shady Glen in Manchester. It is difficult to describe, and since a picture is worth 1,000 words, you can check out a picture of the cheeseburger here:


                                          And finally,onto the ever partisan topic of pizza. I'm from north-east CT, and as such, was never a fan of New Haven pizza/apizza. My go-to spot for pizza was always Willington Pizza near UConn. Their red potato pizza won a national award and is still my favorite, lo these many years.


                                          Enjoy your trip! I live in NY state now, and miss CT terribly.

                                          Edit - I'm link-happy today, I guess. Here is a video segment featuring Ted's:


                                          and one on Shady Glen:


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                                          1. re: BabsW

                                            I went to Abbott's recently after all the hype and it was TERRIBLE.

                                            Runny bisque, sad lobster roll with very little lobster that was old and chewy, slow service. Just very bad experience overall except for the amazing location. Shame.

                                            1. re: Stylo

                                              That is too bad. That's the first bad review I've heard of Abbott's. Maybe they're losing their oomph.

                                              1. re: BabsW

                                                Check Yelp, unfortunately I'm not the only one.

                                                  1. re: Stylo

                                                    Interesting. I just checked Yelp and the reviews were still mostly positive - 4 and 5 stars. I'll have to visit the next time I'm in-state and see if it's what I remember from years ago.

                                                    I hate when a favorite restaurant from the past doesn't measure up years later.

                                                  2. re: BabsW

                                                    I go to Abbott's at least once (often twice) a year from the opposite end of the state. I have never had a bad experience there. I hope that Stylo's experience was just an abberation.If it isn't, I hope they regain their stride. That being said, a really good place is the White Horse in New Fairfield - up Route 7 from Norwalk to NewMilford, then 202. Good food in a pretty area.

                                                    1. re: DavidA06488

                                                      David, I live in New Fairfield and have never heard or seen of a restaurant called White Horse. I mentioned this in another post too where you may have talked about it. Can you please tell where this is? Thanks

                                                      1. re: TrishUntrapped

                                                        I'm not David, but if it's this place, it's actually in Marbledale-Washington.

                                                        1. re: harrie

                                                          It's right on 202. Marbledale is I believe still a part of New Fairfield, but in any case, right as you drive north on 202 as you reach the edge of the village on the left. Just a small sign with a white horse on it outside, parking lot usually jammed. It has really good food. And, I believe I posted the same hyperlink in response to TrishUntrapped's last request for directions. In any case, I hope you find it, TrishUntrapped. You will be made very happy.

                                                          1. re: DavidA06488

                                                            I believe you mean New Milford not New Fairfield

                                                            1. re: DavidA06488

                                                              Not trying to get into a pissing contest, but the White Horse Pub's website says they're in Washington.

                                                              (I'll be up there in a couple weeks, and look forward to trying them out.)

                                                              1. re: DavidA06488

                                                                David, Marbledale is not part of New Fairfleld.

                                                                But sounds good and someday when I am traveling in that area, I'll stop in. Thanks for the rec.

                                                          2. re: DavidA06488

                                                            It's New Preston, and it is a lovely spot. I had a very good burger there, but it came with an odd combination of (from frozen) french fries and sweet potato fries.

                                                            1. re: junescook

                                                              To all who replied to me, mea culpa. Junescook, you are right; it's really part of New Preston, near Lake Wauramog. TrishUntrapped, Friday and Saturday nights they have an excellent prime rib special for $20. The garlic mashed potatoes and al dente vegetables were nice sides.(Need reservations weekend eves) For lunch I like their moules frites or the hamburger. The fries I've had there didn't seem to have come from frozen, but I'm not there that often. I didn't like their shepherd's pie. All told, I've been there about 8 times.

                                                              1. re: harrie

                                                                Saw the review. I think they deserve a Very Good rather than the Good they received, but to each his own.

                                                        2. re: BabsW

                                                          Willington Pizza is indeed FG. And you may even run into a UConn Men/Women's basketball player while there as well.

                                                          As far as the "other" Pepe's...we've been to the Fairfield location a few times and it's good. Their sauce seems a bit lacking in the complexity department but otherwise it's a worthy addition.

                                                          BTW, there's a West Haven pizza challenge on 3/31 with a bunch of local pizzerias participating and it's something like $7 for 2 slices from each? I can't seem find any online info on it though.

                                                        3. I live in NY but have a place in CT on the shoreline. If you live in NYC, then I will suggest you not spend time going to places in CT where you can get as good or most likely better in the city. So I expect to get flamed but I would say its not worth standing in line to get pizza in New Haven with the options there are in NYC. Forget deli. What in CT will compare to Katz or 2nd Ave? When I'm spending weekends in CT, I often end up going for seafood.

                                                          You have New Haven as the eastern most destination. If you are willing to go another hour or so east, and you want a scenic drive, I will tell you to go up 95. When you get to NH, on your right by the harbour you will see a bunch of food trucks. Most of them serve variations on tacos. Many times better than anything you can get in the city and cheap. Get off at 45. Have a sampler from different trucks and grab a Mexican soda. Great snack that will cost you $5.

                                                          There are some worthwhile places to explore in NH and others can speak to them, but for the time being I will tell you to get back on 95 heading east. Take exit 53 and follow the signs to Route 146 which is a designated scenic highway. It will take you through the middle of Branford and by the town green. There are several very good restaurants right around the green. Yooki Yama for sushi, Darbar is Indian, Pasta Cosi for pasta obviously, Le Petite Café which is outstanding value for French but its dinner only and Foe which is a new American contemporary place. There’s even more, but since you want more down home, I will tell you to go by the green, take a right and another right just before the railroad bridge crossing and go down the road until you get to the bridge that crosses the railroad track then take a left at the light. Once you cross the river on your right you will see a boat yard and a sign for the Lobster Pound. Go there and get a lobster roll. Foot long dripping with butter. BYO so you can pick up a beer or wine and bring it along. I don’t know when you are planning this trip but it’s a seasonal place.

                                                          Continuing down 146, you will go by Lenny’s that has been mentioned. Good fried whole clam bellies (according to the NYT – the best in New England) and lobster.

                                                          If you keep heading east on 146, you will end up in Guilford. The town green here is supposed to be the biggest in CT. Get off 146 and go up 77 and head to Route 1. Take a right and go to the Place. Nothing like this in NY. Grilled clams and lobster this time with grilled ears of corn cooked over a giant fire pit.

                                                          By now you should be stuffed. You can keep going east and hit Lenny & Joe Fishtails or the Clam Castle in Madison. The theme here is seafood. That’s what you want to try.

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                                                          1. re: Bkeats

                                                            New Haven pizza stands up to the very best in NYC and is DIFFERENT, and for that reason it becomes worth it - especially for someone looking for iconic food in CT.

                                                              1. re: Stylo

                                                                Which is exactly why you can get NH style pizza in cities like Chicago.

                                                                But I'll second Bkeats recommendation for the Place in Guilford. Amazing food and atmosphere. Not open until the end of April though.


                                                                1. re: LorenV

                                                                  Yes, The Place is a super cool stop.

                                                              2. http://m.facebook.com/pages/Lobster-S...

                                                                Awesome lobster rolls just call and make sure there open

                                                                1. You must go to Sugar Bakery and Sweet Shop on Main Street in East Haven http://thesugarbakery.com/. The are a Cupcake Wars winner and one taste and you will know why they won. Their Canolli cupcakes are heaven. But they have so many flavors just pick what you like and it will be great!

                                                                  1. If you like Paella and great sangria you must go to http://bistromediterraneanandtapasbar... in East Haven. The best food and service you will have in New Haven county is at Bistro Mediterranean.

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                                                                    1. Original Poster - ItsMee.... Wherja go? Whaj'eat?

                                                                      2 Replies
                                                                      1. re: TrishUntrapped

                                                                        I love Barcelona in Fairfield or Norwalk. Meigas is also nice. Fish and chips, Stratford and Umberti's...no ambiance, but very fresh and inexpensive.

                                                                        1. re: katy1

                                                                          Haven't been to Meigas or Barcelona in years. Were great then.

                                                                      2. A good hole-in-the-wall place is Westfair Fish and Chips in Westport on Rte 1, the Post Road, in the back of a little strip mall opposite the Stop and Shop near the Southport line. Great fish and chips, clam chowder, great anything, for that matter. All freshly done in front of you from cutting up the fish fillets through the whole process. I'm partial to the RI style clam chowder - superb. Fried shrimp and scallops too.

                                                                        2 Replies
                                                                        1. re: DavidA06488

                                                                          Thanks David...that's one I havent tried. I have to admit to the sinful indulgence of New England clam chowder, but since the RI is the base (minus the cream), I'm sure their NE is good too.

                                                                          1. re: katy1

                                                                            Both are exccellent. I just prefer the RI style. I find the aromatics come through more clearly. You'll enjoy either, as I said.