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Mar 11, 2012 05:41 AM

De Buyer Blue Steel on Burner?

I'm using some of the fantastic carbon steel pans from de buyer. Mostly I've so fare are the mineral or mineral B ones. Now I've seen on some websites (amazon too in some cases) that they explicitly say that the "blue steel" ones are to be used "only" with induction. But on the website of de buyer they explicitly show that they could be used with burners too. Is this true? Any idea anyone why the blue induction should be used only on induction? I would guess the website of de buyer should be the reference in this case. I would appreciate any insight into this.

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    The use icons show electric, gas and induction. Either a typo at the other sites or someone is trying to steer people towards or away. The blue steel pans work fine on other heat sources.

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    1. re: SanityRemoved

      yes exactly. their icons are pretty clear. but some websites list different.

      here an example:

      1. re: bzboston

        Well, that's Amazon. I never rely on them for anything,

        1. re: bzboston

          Thanks, the misleading information appears to be coming from BakeDeco, which is the seller listed for the item.

      2. "they explicitly say that the "blue steel" ones are to be used "only" with induction"

        Really? Can you show us those websites?

        I have a blue steel pan, and so do many people. I have only used it on burner/stovetop.

        This is my DeBuyer blue steel pan post:

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          here is an example but there are others:

          Product Description
          Size: 9.44 IN
          Note: Blue steel pans can be used only with Buyer Force Blue Round Country Fry Pan, 2mm Blue SteelBetween the curved saut pan and the Lyonnaise profile frying pan, this high-sided pan is ideal for all styles of cooking, including frying, searing, or simmering. It can be used to prepare large quantities of ingredients, and its high sides reduce the splatter of juice when cooking meats. Ideal for sauted potatoes.Model 531424 is 24-1/2 cm outer diameter, 17 cm on inner flat part, 8 cmhigh, 46 cm long, 2.5 liters.Model 531428 is 28 cm outer diameter, 20 cm on inner flat part, 8 cm high,51-1/2 cm long, 4 liters.USE& CARE OF PAN (VIDEO)

          1. re: bzboston

            Ok, I wasn't sure which pan we were talking about. This country frying pan can be used on other heat sources. I am sure of this. If anything, the DeBuyer official website does not recommend Force Blue cookware to be used with induction -- so if anything, it is the opposite:


            1. re: bzboston

              I would think that the de Buyer website should be the arbiter.

            2. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Chem - the de Buyer website show all of their blue steel lines as being electric, gas, induction capable except La Lyonnaise - no mention of induction. Since the Lyonnaisse line is thin - typically one ml, I guess they worry that it may warp at high heat on induction.
              Quote from the site -Catalog>Steel>La Lyonnaise:
              "The lightweight blue steel plate is suitable for low-power heat sources."

              1. re: rosetown

                When I looked at the Force Blue series webpage, it has the symbols for electric, gas, ceramic, but it misses the induction symbol:


                Personally, I don't think it should be a problem to use induction for Force Blue, but it is not advertised by deBuyer.

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  Sorry I missed that - At 2 ml, Force Blue, has no mention of suitability for high heat as opposed to the La Lyonnaise. Odd.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    I have the Force Blue Crepe pan, and it is a charm to use on induction! I had never noticed the lack of the induction symbol on de Buyer website...

                    I only use medium "heat" so warping would not be an issue.

              2. I have an 8 inch blue steel crepe pan that I have used on an electric stove with a glass covered ceramic cook top. We have been using it for years now and it works beautifully. We use it for fried and scrambled eggs, crepes and pancakes and much more. Love it. Asking for a larger one for Xmas!