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Mar 11, 2012 12:41 AM

L&L garlic shrimp

i had this today from the liliha l&l for lunch. it was only available in the regular size, $8 and change. i have seen it at other l&ls in a mini.

took it home and opened it. three scoops of rice (i passed on the mac salad), some shredded cabbage, and seven medium-sized shrimp encrusted with minced garlic. quite salty, but very very good. so good that i am going to get it again - tomorrow, in fact, if they are open on sundays.

i am still thinking about it and it's about ten hours since i ate it. it was phenomenal, best i ever tasted. even better than my mom's.

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  1. i was also able to eat all of the shell, including the tail, which was not hard and spiky. i normally do not eat the shell or tail.

    1. i just had garlic shrimp from the dillingham location next to savers. here it was offered in a mini plate. their shrimp was not good. it was not salty and did not have the same intense garlic flavor. total disappointment. i will be trying the liliha location again with high hopes..

      1. got a plate from l&l liliha and it is delicious! i would be happy eating this at a five star restaurant! try it!

        1. I looooooooooooove L&L. I soooooo wish there was a location near me. I ate at L&L nearly everyday in Hawaii. When I visited Las Vegas, I made a special trip to the L&L about 3 blocks off the strip. Their macroni salad was delish as I remembered it. I've never eaten the shrimp but loved their bbq shortribs. Mmmm. Can't wait to eat it again. And its cheap!

          1. I would also have to pass on the mac salad (more mayo than mac) but i find their food to be universally over salted and dosed with MSG, a flavor I'm sensitive to. apparently the salty didn't bother you - i'd have to double up on my hypertension meds... LOL.