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L&L garlic shrimp

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i had this today from the liliha l&l for lunch. it was only available in the regular size, $8 and change. i have seen it at other l&ls in a mini.

took it home and opened it. three scoops of rice (i passed on the mac salad), some shredded cabbage, and seven medium-sized shrimp encrusted with minced garlic. quite salty, but very very good. so good that i am going to get it again - tomorrow, in fact, if they are open on sundays.

i am still thinking about it and it's about ten hours since i ate it. it was phenomenal, best i ever tasted. even better than my mom's.

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  1. i was also able to eat all of the shell, including the tail, which was not hard and spiky. i normally do not eat the shell or tail.

    1. i just had garlic shrimp from the dillingham location next to savers. here it was offered in a mini plate. their shrimp was not good. it was not salty and did not have the same intense garlic flavor. total disappointment. i will be trying the liliha location again with high hopes..

      1. got a plate from l&l liliha and it is delicious! i would be happy eating this at a five star restaurant! try it!

        1. I looooooooooooove L&L. I soooooo wish there was a location near me. I ate at L&L nearly everyday in Hawaii. When I visited Las Vegas, I made a special trip to the L&L about 3 blocks off the strip. Their macroni salad was delish as I remembered it. I've never eaten the shrimp but loved their bbq shortribs. Mmmm. Can't wait to eat it again. And its cheap!

          1. I would also have to pass on the mac salad (more mayo than mac) but i find their food to be universally over salted and dosed with MSG, a flavor I'm sensitive to. apparently the salty didn't bother you - i'd have to double up on my hypertension meds... LOL.

            1. i've been eating this regularly 2x week

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                we all have places we are partial to that some others don't like. I'm glad you found something that works for you, and I'm not being snarky. It's what makes this room worthwhile. I like a lot of the food at zippy's, others here can't understand that. I have other friends that love some of the most popular japanese restaurants, but still like some of the places that others consider an affront to japanese cuisine. So it goes.