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Is there any Vegetarian Corned Beef product out there? Or any fake meat product that would work in Corned beef and cabbage?

With all the decent meatless products out there, I have yet to find corned beef,, Is there anything out there?? I have Used Smart Deli Ham slices in the past, or when Morningstar made their good veggie dogs that no longer exist, and both imparted a nice smoky flavor but neither are close to the texture of corned beef. Don't know why they can come up with decently simulated burger and chicken, but not beef chunks or corned beef. Same issue with making "beef stew". I use griller chunks but not the right texture. Seitan isnt too bad for stew by looks, but it adds too much asian flavor for those dishes..

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  1. I've only seen it in sliced form, like this:


    But it seems to exist - scroll down to "Worthington Frozen Rolls":


    1. If you are just trying to be Irish for the week, consider colcannon, cabbage or kale with potatoes. You could still serve a meat substitute, but it could be bacon-like.


      1. it's not help for a meat substitute, but for St Paddy's Day, colcannon (mashed potatoes with cooked cabbage) is arguably even more Irish than corned beef -- and is an awfully tasty vegetarian comfort food in itself.

        (looks like pauj and I crossed the streams!)

        1. Tofu (or bean curd) skin.

          You can get it at most Chinese or Vietnamese markets.

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            They're very tasty when you grill them.

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              thanks everyone! Has anyone tried the Heritage or the Worthingtons? I lloked them up and they are the same company and look to be the same product. I think the only place to find them is a Seventh Day Adventist store, unless anyone knows any other place.. I will try to see if they have it tomorrow. Some of their products can be very excessively salty and i like salt, but its worth a try! Any other ideas? Its funny that colcannon was mentioned because i just noticed it the other day on an online menu for a local irish place and thought it sounded good, and here it is mentioned again!

            2. Morningstar just started selling the veggie dogs again if your'e hard up...

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                I just had them and was going to start a post about them! They are no fat and tiny and 50 calories which all seems like an oxymoron for a hotdog. Dont know why they had to change them. THey have so much sodium that anyone looking for healthy alternatives isnt going to get these with that salt anyways. So why not keep the the same or even plumper? Grillers have bunch of fat for flavor. Hotdogs just seem like the wrong item to start making diet stuff with. THat said, they still have the best flavor of the veggie dogs. I dont like excess pepper and strong flavors of the Yves or TOfurky ones, or the rubberiness of the smart dogs, so at least these have a mild flavor and an okay texture, but they miss the juiciness of a more fatty dog. The texture is similar to Zoglovs. Thanks for the suggestion! I still didnt get to the ABC store for the Worthington Corned beef, so the hotdogs may work...

              2. You can make Seitan O Greatness and flavor with pickling spices. http://www.theppk.com/2007/04/seitan-...

                The thing I like about this seitan recipe is the resulting loaf texture is fairly dense and the seitan can be used in other dishes and it will remain intact.

                Maybe this can get moved to the Vegetarian/Vegan board so you'll get more responses?

                1. In response to the beef stew, you should definitely try gardein beefless tips. They taste just like chunks of real steak.