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Mar 10, 2012 09:17 PM

HELP looking for really great food AND water views

We will be in South Beach for 3 nights and want really GREAT food...fresh local ingredients with the flavor of Florida, new American, Caribbean, etc. but we'd also like water views. Originally we weren't going to have a car but have decided to rent one so we have more options.

Been to Michael's Genuine, Casa Tua and Michy's and really loved the food. Don't want to go back to Joe's Stone Crab this time...prefer great food AND water views.

Any advice???

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  1. In south beach, you will have to take some risk.
    Juvia - never been
    Monty's - was mediocre but recently supposedly upgraded the kitchen
    Asia de Cuba - Recently revamped the menu

    Here are some options across the bay:
    Il Gabbiano - Have not been in a long time
    Area 31 - never been
    Zuma - I recall they have water views here - food is very good.
    Tuyo - never been

    Hopefully someone else can give you more detail about these places.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Thanks so much for your suggestions!

      We're also fine with driving further.....can be as far as Lauderdale in case there are other options especially something right on the water rather than on a high floor looking at the ocean from a distance. FOOD is most important. From Monty's menu on their website, it isn't my kind of place.

    2. There's a post right here only 2 below asking about South Beach water view options ->

      1. You could get Joe's takeaway and go to the beach. Miami lacks waterfront dining but there are a few options like Cafe Sambal for sushi, Rusty Pelican which was just remodeled but I have not been there yet, and Zuma.

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          I would avoid Rusty Pelican until some Chows can report back with some reliable reviews. I've been in S. Fla. a long time and one consistant fact is that The Rusty Pelican always had magnificant views and horrible food. If you're walking the boardwalk up from South Beach, the Fontainebleau (approx 41st st) has a little 2 story resturant and bar close to the ocean and open to the public. Food is decent, drinks are excellent and the view of the beach from the second floor terrace is close to the beach, open and unobstructed.

        2. It is generally true in Miami - and many other places as well - that insisting on a water view is inconsistent with insisting that "FOOD is most important." I've only been there for a special event dinner (which was excellent), but I'd also throw Azul into the mix, in the Mandarin Oriental downtown with bay views across the back.