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Mar 10, 2012 06:00 PM

does anyone shop at Grocery Outlet?

i have been to one Grocery Outlet - interesting products, very economical, the employees were very friendly and helpful.

is it the next Trader Joe's?

i don't know and i have no affiliation.

just curious what you all think.

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  1. The San Francisco board has had periodic 'this month's finds' thread. There was an attempt to expand that to either the Chains board, or other regional ones. The Seattle board version didn't get much traffic. Anyways, check San Francisco.

    1. i do and i enjoy it. however, i go there for interesting finds rather than specifics. i treat it like a "supplementary" store. The next Trader Joe's it is not.

      1. I do occasionally. Sometimes they have some great stuff, sometimes they have nothing at all that I want or need. No, not the next TJ's but it really does fill a niche market, their prices are great if you find something you like.

        1. I shop there on occasion. I don't find there to be any similarity to Trader Joe's though. I think Trader Joe's has many unique items you don't see at your typical grocery store. Grocery Outlet has items you'd find at any grocery store, though they sometimes have brands that are normally carried in other parts of the country. Recently I picked up a couple bags of old fashioned yellow grits. My local stores only carry white instant grits. My parents like to buy jarred pears and peaches at GO. Just recently they had jarred Del Monte peaches for $.99/jar. I've seen the same product at Safeway for $3.99/jar. When I go to TJ's I know I'll walk out of there with at least a few items, at GO, I may find something that's a great deal, or I may walk out empty-handed.

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            There are occasional overlaps between GO and TJ, but not many. I have stocked up on a ground Italian espresso coffee at GO, the same brand that TJ used to carry. I also got a Spanish Tempranillo at similar price, and quality, from both. And of late I've been getting mascarpone for less at GO than at TJ. But the nature of shopping at GO is that the great finds are there today, and gone tomorrow.

            1. re: paulj

              Word, PaulJ. If you like it and it's in stock, buy lots!

              The nature of the store is they buy sellouts, soon to expire and discontinued items.

              I just had a trio of Spanish goat cheese, sliced in wedges. 5 oz for $1.99, so a little over $6/lb, a really great price. So yummy. All gone now, natch.

              Last summer they had mozzarella rolled around prosciutto. A slice of that, some crusty bread, who needs to cook in the heat?

          2. I too treat Grocery Outlet as a supplementary store. It is the third stop in my shopping trip that starts at Winco then Fresh & Easy. I don't have a convenient Trader Joe's nearby, and I sure do miss it. GO is really nothing like Trader Joe's.