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Mar 10, 2012 05:01 PM

Can I rescue hummus made UNcooked beans??

In my enthusiasm to make the best hummus for a potluck, I decided to use dried garbanzo beans because they are supposed to produce the smoothest texture, which I love! So I dutifully soaked the beans for 24 hours, and then merrily skipped on to making a double batch of artichoke heart and lemon hummus. I wondered why it wasn't as smooth as I'd remembered...until I took a bite. Blech!! It tasted awful! But I don't want to waste all the ingredients. Is there a way to "cook" this hummus so the beans taste okay? It has tahini and olive oil in it, so not sure if it would separate?


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  1. I think you are in uncharted territory here. You will be experimenting, and with no guarantee of good results.

    1. I've heard of falafel made with soaked but not cooked (until the patties are fried) beans, but not hummus. Are you sure that's supposed to be applicable to hummus?

      You could try microwaving or adding a little water and simmering.

      1. you made falafal. Not really but close. I say fry up your hummus but I bet it's too liquidy.

        I don't think there is anyway to salvage what you made as hummus. Start over.

        1. I have no idea if this will work, but I think it would be fun to try. Stir in some spices, grated onion and some flour to hold it together, then make a patty and fry it. Just do enough for one at first. If you end up with something like falafel, then apply the same treatment to the rest of the hummus.

          If your patty experiment doesn't turn out, I'd just simmer the whole batch with some stock and spices and make a soup out of it.