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Mar 10, 2012 03:43 PM

Dining suggestions for Sunday & Monday in Montreal

Will be arriving from NYC the first Sunday & Monday in April and my favorite spots are closed (Le Club, Olive et). Looking for interesting suggestions (other than APDC). Will have a car. Thanks!!!

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  1. Pintxo (Basque inspired French tapas menu) is open on Sunday and Monday for dinner and is one of my local favorites; check the menu here:

    Les Trois Petits Bouchons is open on Monday nights, if you're looking for great regional terroir in a cozy bistro setting:

    Chez l'Épicier in Old Montreal is open all evenings. So is Leméac which I find less interesting/increasingly boring and slipping in consistency, imo. But it's another option!

    Personally, I'd do Pintxo on Sunday and 3PB on Monday.

    Btw, Le Club is one of my favorites too and I always take out of town visitors at least one night... I'd give the above two a shot since most kitchens are closed (or head chef absent) on these nights anyways!

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      Ah! I had forgotten about Chez'lE; long time since I've been but recall it being very good. These are all fantastic suggestions... Thank you, OliverB!

    2. Very good advice from Oliver B, but add Mas des Oliviers (rue Bishop) for rich southern French: Sunday dinner or lunch (Monday) or dinner . Yummy!

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        Thank you, Fritzy... now we're set for lunch too!

      2. We'll be there the first Monday in April as well - looking at La Chronique for lunch and Europea for dinner.

        I have to say I really like the Les Trois Petits Bouchons concept but I wish there was a posted menu since my aunt tends to be quite.....shall we say, picky (to be nice.)

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          This is awesome... after one post i've gone from bummed to excited to try some new spots. Thanks, uhockey... great blog, btw!

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            Thanks - a respected source speaks very highly of La Chronique and their lunch menu is quite a deal, imo.


        2. This is too late for the OP, but someone put together a super useful list of restos open Sunday and Monday - complete with web links - so for the record here it is:

          Where to eat in Montreal on Sunday and Monday nights

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            Ooooo great resource! I've now bookmarked it. Thank you!

            1. re: kpzoo

              Yes, thanks, and i'm surprised by how many choices there are. I knew of 3-4 reliable choices, but there are WAY more!

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                Love this! Too bad there's only 2 BYOB's though...