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Mar 10, 2012 02:51 PM

Soliciting restaurant suggestions

Long story short - a friend and I need to spend at least $400 on a dinner for 4.

This isn't a huge amount since we'll be planning to have wine, but it doesn't require us to go somewhere cheap, either.

So I am opening this up to any and all suggestions - where would YOU go if you wanted to spend $100 per person for dinner? Going over will be OK, but we'd rather not end up spending $200 pp.

A couple of places we've been thinking about are Neptune Oyster and Craigie on Main. We already know and love Eastern Standard and Coppa.

We are omnivores and like most cuisines, and need to stay within Boston, Cambridge, Somerville.

Where would you go?

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  1. Neptune. I haven't been to Craigie and not that tempted,but many others will send you there. Have you tried Oleana? I've always had a fantasy of ordering most of the mezze there to share.

    enjoy. sounds like a fun need!

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    1. re: Madrid

      I'm not going to lie to you - this is a great problem to have! Thanks for bringing up Oleana. I've always wanted to go but keep forgetting about it.

      1. re: motorgirl

        You wrote that that the amount will include wine, so I recommend Troquet, which has the best wine selection, service, and prices in the area.

        I love Neptune, but prefer lunch due to the no reservations and crowds.

        1. re: KevinJF

          Troquet is another I keep forgetting about. I just looked at their menu - they seem to be doing very tasty things with seafood. Plus I am a sucker for photos. ;-)

    2. I might recommend the Butcher Shop - I personally don't think you can go wrong there.

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      1. re: meeps2002

        I took a look at their menu. They seem to put quite an emphasis on their charcuterie. What does a typical meal there look like? Do people ever just do assorted charcuterie?

        1. re: motorgirl

          Definitely - you can have a charcuterie plate and a cheese board, or their dinner options are great as well. They do change, but anything from duck to a nice steak, everything is great quality.

      2. My newest find, which makes for a fun evening with a variety of interesting courses - is the $50 tasting menu at Casa B - the new tapas place in Union Square, Somerville. Check the menu out here - with wine or cocktails you should comfortably within your budget.

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        1. re: Small Plates

          Here are a few photos from our trip last week:

          *Trio of ceviche (lobster, salmon, hake)
          *Mushroom broth with honshimeji mushrooms, shaved cheese (scamorza?), and asparagus tips
          *Pan-seared scallops over fennel with orange salad and lime vinaigrette

        2. If I had this problem, I'd go to Bondir, Toro, Oleana or Craigie. You really can't go wrong at any of the suggestions so far.