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Mar 10, 2012 01:53 PM

Ben & Florentine

This store across from Place Ville Marie Cathcart side, just down from Simons has been there for awhile now and as a chain, albeit a Montreal one, I tended to avoid it. Not able to comment on one order of fried eggs I think it could be an interesting stop for shoppers, tourists who don`t want to run around city looking for breakfast spot. First of all the location is great, the large windows makes a bright room and it is spacious so no lineups! There are large number of choices in menu and they say the syrup is real maple syrup. For $11.95 I had the Cabane a sucre special--2 eggs, large slice of ham, sausage, bacon small container cretons, baked beans, apple sauce, choice of waffle, French toast, pancake (my choice), crepe, 2 slices of toast (your choice of bread) with jam, peanut butter and repeated fillups of coffee, there was also a big serving of cubed potatoes but these I am never like. This was good value for the price especially downtown and the service was friendly and efficient. Less kitschy decor than chez cora. They also will soon be expanding into Ontario. I see they have early bird menu Mon.-Fri. 6-8:30 starting at $3.95.

It may not be everyones cup of tea but I enjoyed it today and will go back to try something else. The smoothies looked good.

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  1. I like it only because there's never a lineup here, ever. I'd recommend it based on that. The food is alright, very typical of breakfast chains. However, the service is awful at this location! I've been several times because it's next to the office and something always goes wrong. Maybe it's bad luck, but there always seems to be something not working properly, whether it be the coffee, card swipping things, they've been short-staffed on SO many occasions.

    I've been to other B&F locations and this one seems to be particularly badly managed.

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      thanks for info, that is problem when one person reports so good to have overview. The service was fine this time but maybe I got lucky with the waitress. I did hear her say the specialty coffee machine was not working when someone wanted to order one! Location is
      indeed the big plus and I avoid places with lineups.

      1. re: foodie8

        In my view, the reason there is no lineup is that it is absolutely mediocre. Why they think I would like 1.5 tbsp. of cold institutional-grade applesauce with my breakfast is beyond me. Bread is also industrial. Potatoes are drenched in horrid seasoned salt. I would eat here only if absolutely necessary.