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Mar 10, 2012 01:34 PM

Istanbul breakfast advice sought? Combining Mandabatmaz?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a great breakfast in Istanbul? Not necessarily too elaborate although we have no problem with elaborate breakfasts! We're staying in Beyoglu and went to Van Kahvalti Evi this morning-we enjoyed it but weren't wowed.

We'd be happy with great simit or another breakfast item and a great coffee. But where to buy the breakfast item in and around Beyoglu? We loved Mandabatmaz this evening and will go back in a heartbeat but not sure if they allow you to bring something to eat and they don't seem to offer food. Kaymacksi Pando sounds super but is a bit too far for breakfast and we'll have to go at tea time instead. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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  1. You may want to go down (via Tünel) to Karaköy to Namlı Gurme - they have classic Turkish breakfast fare at its best - assorted local cheeses, cured meats, olives and kaymak (clotted cream) with honey comb. Another option is awaiting in Cihangir: Datlı Maya and its stone-oven delights ranging from traditional pastry and breakfast accompaniment to anything that imagination of the brave chef Dilyara creates. Would be interested to hear back about your experiences if you check either

    Happy eating in Istanbul!


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      Thank you DeliciousIstanbul! We tried Datli Maya and liked its breakfast. The atmosphere was great. We went for an easy dinner there as well one night and were less convinced. Had two incredible, non-breakfast meals at Konyalilar Etli Ekmek (http://www.etliekmek.net/) and Adana Ocakbasi (http://adanaocakbasi.com/), restaurants I highly recommend if you don't know them already.

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        Interesting re: Datli Maya: I actually think that while their breakfasts are nice their proper food is stronger. Good local finds: I am glad u've had a chance to explore beyond A-list eateries.