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Mar 10, 2012 01:34 PM

Costco in Everett now selling wine and beer

Apologies if this is old news on this board, but I was surprised to see the addition of a wine and beer shop when I went to the Everett Costco today. It's a similar cage-like structure to the setup in the Waltham Costco and appears to be run by an outfit called KH&H Liqours. Costco membership is not required to shop there. Based on a quick browse, I saw some interesting things, but prices weren't particularly competitive -- seemed pretty standard.

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  1. Too bad you have a sub-contractor situation. Although my rural state only has one Costco and it is 40 miles away from my residence, the "non-caged" beer/wine/liquor section is quite decent and the prices run about 20-25 percent less than most grocery/liquor stores in Iowa ...

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      MA law requires that it be a secured and locked facility as the hours of operation are state mandated. I've been to several other Costco locations across the country and most offer beer, wine and hard liquor. The areas are quite extensive in sq. ft.

    2. The beer selection here is even worse than Waltham.

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        And the wine selection is sad too. Only saw a couple of things I would buy but I can get them for less at Bauer Wines in a case or when they are featured. A wine list prepared by a distributor or beer lover.


        1. re: rknrll

          Hate the beer seleciton at Waltham Costco now. They got rid of the large bottle format beers and have trimmed the case selections back considerably since last year. Besides Harpoon and the psuedo craft Kirkland line, craft beers are non-existent now.

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            Wouldn't call Kirkland Beer 'craft style' more like an imported selection but, at $18.99 per 24 case, not a bad buy and it's tastes pretty good..

            1. re: treb

              Imported? The Kirkland stuff sold on east coast is made in NY at FX matt's (who also make another half assed "craft" brand called Saranac).

              1. re: LStaff

                Should have been clearer, I meant in the style of a craft or imported beer variety.