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Mar 10, 2012 12:39 PM

Help! Birthday bbq in need of brioche buns for burgers! Westside, please!

I am trying to locate brioche buns for a hamburger BBQ. We are located in Culver City. I have seen some occasionally at a stand @ Mar Vista Sunday market. Are there any other bakeries that carry these? Thanks!

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  1. Try calling rockenwagner bakeries, they supply a lot of restaurants and can probably help you if you give them 24 hours notice (or more)

    1. I would check with Vicente Foods in Brentwood (310-472-5215) and/or Bristol Farms on Westwood Blvd. or potentially Tavern in Brentwood in their "Larder" area.

        1. Great suggestions! Thank you AAQjr, Servorg, & budlit. Milo & Olive sounds perfect for me, as i've been meaning to check it out. Will report back on the buns soon!

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            We just left Milo & Olive about 30 minutes ago and they had brioche burger buns available for $1 each...

            1. re: Servorg

              Good looking out, Servorg! Their garlic knots have been taunting me with such luscious photos, so thats two birds with one stone :)

                1. re: Servorg

                  lol or smoon!! Was just reading out loud to husband about the garlic knot "top new LA food nom" last night! I bow to you, Servorg!

          2. Buns at Milo & Olive were perfect for our burgers. Perfectly sized compared to the ginormous buns @ Sunday Mar Vista market, and available every day. Thank you for the recommendation, budlit! I stuffed my face with pizza, arugula salad, & garlic knots(all delicious)fried calamari(meh) and staggered out with the buns, cheesy biscuit, cheese curl, sticky bun, ham & cheese croissant....

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